ZF Electronics


ZF Electronics
  • ANG and LIN Position Sensors

    ZF's ANG and LIN sensors are thin, programmable, non-contact magnetic position sensors that provide a linear change in voltage output corresponding to a linear displacement of the actuator mag

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  • MP200701 Magnetic Proximity Sensor

    ZF Electronics MP2007 sensors act as a non-latching electrial switches with zero power comsumption.

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  • Energy Harvesting Product

    ZF's innovative, wireless, and battery-less energy harvesting technology provides effective solutions in a variety of environments and applications.

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  • Waterproof Rocker and Pushbutton Switches

    ZF's Waterproof Rocker and Pushbutton Switches are suitable for applications requiring protection against dust and water intrusion, such as outdoor power equipment, commercial appliances, and

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