Grayhill, Inc.


Grayhill, Inc.
  • Multi-Touch Ring Encoder

    Grayhill Instinct™ is a set of multi-touch gesture recognition software tools that create more intuitive human interface solutions.

    By Grayhill, Inc. 188

  • 62AG Series Optical Encoder

    62AG series are general purpose, low-resolution optical encoders used as "human-to-machine" interface devices for scroll and select applications.

    By Grayhill, Inc. 242

  • Touch Encoder

    Grayhill’s touch encoder provides product development engineers simplified designs for industrial, digital audio and visual, medical, and off-highway markets.

    By Grayhill, Inc. 135

  • 67B Series Hall-Effect Joysticks

    Grayhill's compact 67B series Hall-Effect joysticks feature proportional output joystick, pushbutton, and momentary rotary select in one device

    By Grayhill, Inc. 139

  • 3D50 Series Rugged 5-Inch CAN-Bus Touchscreen

    Grayhill introduces their 5-inch touch screen display for construction and agriculture vehicles.

    By Grayhill, Inc. 102

  • 60 Series NavCoders

    Grayhill's 60 Series Joystick Encoders are 3-in-1 interface devices that combine the functionality of optical encoders, push-buttons, and joysticks in one shaft.

    By Grayhill, Inc. 225

  • T2 Multi-Touch Control Wheel

    T2 control wheel offers an expanded array of multi-touch sensor data options to Grayhill's family of HIDs.

    By Grayhill, Inc. 455

  • 14 Series Surface-Mount Key Switches

    Grayhill, Inc. has released its 14 series surface mount key switch that combines an IP67 seal and LED illumination.

    By Grayhill, Inc. 119

  • 3K and 3J CANbus Keypads and Joysticks

    Grayhill's 3J vehicle display controller and the 3K CANbus keypad are two options for CANbus applications.

    By Grayhill, Inc. 180