Io Audio Technologies


Io Audio Technologies
  • Etherlatch™ Connectors

    Io Audio Technologies' Etherlatch™ connectors are designed for solid digital audio connections and lighting protocols such as DMX 512 and ArtNet.

    By Io Audio Technologies 71

  • 5-Pin DMX Cables

    Io Audio Technologies' DMX cables are designed to be a rugged solution for wiring a professional lighting rig with perfect DMX512 transmission.

    By Io Audio Technologies 66

  • CAT5e and CAT6 Shielded Etherlatch™ Cables

    Io Audio Technologies’ durable and dependable CAT5e/CAT6 Ethernet cables support etherCON® standards, making them perfect for musicians and sound technicians.

    By Io Audio Technologies 47

  • Powerlatch™ Cables

    Io Audio Technologies' Powerlatch™ cables are specialized locking power cables that offer safety, reliability, and are powerCON®-compatible.

    By Io Audio Technologies 79

  • XLR Series Cables

    Io Audio Technologies' XLR series audio cables come in three different grades performance, professional, and premium to fit the needs of any audio application.

    By Io Audio Technologies 79

  • XLR Connectors

    Io Audio Technologies' XLR 3- and 5-pin connectors have dependable locking mechanisms and are perfect for audio, lighting control, and power applications.

    By Io Audio Technologies 50

  • KORE Series Heavy-Duty Cable Protectors

    Io Audio Technologies’ KORE Series of heavy duty cable protectors guard audio, power, and industrial cables against damage from trucks, cars, and people.

    By Io Audio Technologies 57

  • Powerlatch™ Connectors

    Io Audio Technologies' Powerlatch™ connectors enhance safety by replacing standard NEMA and IEC style power connections in industrial applications.

    By Io Audio Technologies 98

  • M-Series/T-Series Instrument Cables

    Io Audio Technologies M-series/T-series instrument cables feature housing assembly that is quick and easy requiring no tools.

    By Io Audio Technologies 59