• Question about LM358 as a differential operational amplifier

    Question about LM358 as a differential operational amplifier, We collect some more technical information about the LM358. hope this will be helpful for electronic engineer.

    By Texas Instruments 122

  • Alpha Connect Passive Distribution Boxes

    Alpha Wire's Alpha Connect passive distribution boxes feature thermoplastic, die cast, or stainless steel housing options.

    By Alpha Wire 111

  • The Compact Embedded Network Module: XT-Nano-SXL

    AK Nord's XT-Nano-SXL high power embedded network module comes in a compact 22 mm x 34 mm package for space restricted applications.

    By AK-NORD GmbH 98

  • The Compact Embedded Network Module: XT-PICO-SXL

    AK Nord's XT-PICO-SXL high power embedded network module, with its compact 22 mm x 31 mm package, is suitable to be integrated even in very compact spaces.

    By AK-NORD GmbH 111

  • IXXAT PCIe® CAN Interfaces

    HMS Networks' PCIe interfaces for easily connecting a PC to a CAN network through a PCIe or PCIe mini connection.

    By HMS Networks 125

  • MIC2782 Push Button Reset IC

    MIC2782 push button reset ICs from Microchip have an ANDOUT logic output and an operating supply voltage range of 1.5 V to 5.5 V.

    By Microchip Technology 150

  • LioN-P Distributed Control Unit

    Lumberg Automation’s LioN-P µDCU can be used as a standard I/O module, a standalone DCU, or in a mixed DCU in combination with a higher-level PLC.

    By Lumberg Automation 82

  • ISO1050 Isolated CAN Transceivers

    Texas Instruments' ISO1050 are galvanically isolated CAN transceivers that meets the requirements of the ISO11898-2 standard.

    By Texas Instruments 238

  • Ethernet Shields

    The Arduino Ethernet shield allows an Arduino board to connect to the internet, and it is based on the Wiznet W5100 Ethernet chip.

    By Arduino 200

  • Isolated CAN Transceivers

    ADI's isolated CAN transceivers, including ADM3052, ADM3053, and ADM3054, comply with the ISO 11898 standard and employ ADI's iCoupler technology.

    By Analog Devices Inc 180

  • I²C and SPI GPIO Expanders

    Exar Corporation presents the XRA120x I²C/SMBus GPIO expander and XRA140x SPI GPIO expander product families - a total of 12 device offerings.

    By MaxLinear 238

  • FIDO® Communication Controller

    Innovasic's FIDO incorporates the universal I/O controller that is configurable to support various communication protocols across multiple platforms.

    By Innovasic Semiconductor 155

  • SY898535L Fanout Buffer

    SY898535L 3.3 V, low skew fanout buffers from Microchip have an industrial temperature operating range of –40°C to +85°C and are available in 20-pin TSSOP package.

    By Microchip Technology 197

  • NCN8025A Smart Card Interface

    Dedicated for 1.8 V / 3.0 V / 5.0 V smart card reader / writer applications the NCN8025A is a compact and cost effective interface IC solution.

    By ON Semiconductor 229

  • HEATEVM Evaluation Module

    HEATEVM evaluation module allows users to develop applications that will operate in high-temperature environment, risk-free.

    By Texas Instruments 157

  • SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Product

    TI's SuperSpeed USB 3.0 products offer dual simplex data transmission rates of 5 Gbps, which are 10x faster than USB 2.0 products.

    By Texas Instruments 186

  • TXS0102 Bidirectional Voltage-Level Translator

    TXS0102 are bidirectional voltage-level translators but also serve as a way to establish digital switching compatibility between mixed-voltage systems.

    By Texas Instruments 166

  • Half-Pitch 4-CH Transistor Photocouplers

    Toshiba's optocouplers feature a quad configuration, wider creepage distance, and good performance at high temperatures.

    By Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage 178

  • OPI1268S Super Blue Optoisolator

    TT Electronics' high voltage optoisolator used in applications located in harsh environments needing a reliable seal against dust, liquids, and explosions.

    By TT Electronics/Optek Technology 163

  • CNY6xST Series Optocouplers

    Vishay's CNY6xST is a series of optocouplers with phototransistor output and very high isolation voltage.

    By Vishay Semiconductor / Opto Division 213