• MA.208 GPS and 2G/3G/4G Antenna

    Taoglas antennas are heavy duty and IP67 waterproof used for telematics, transportation, and remote monitoring applications.

    By Taoglas 124

  • AP10H Active Patch Module

    Taoglas' AP.10H.01 is the industry's smallest SMT GPS high performance embedded antenna. SMT patent structure allows high reliability and ultra-low power consumption.

    By Taoglas 141

  • PA.700A Viking LTE-Cellular Wide-Band SMT Antenna

    Taoglas' Viking antenna delivers efficiency of over 70% in a design that is significantly smaller than current market wide-band antennas.

    By Taoglas 131

  • MA.600 Spartan GPS/Cellular/Wi-Fi Combination Ante

    Taoglas' Spartan MA.600 waterproof external M2M antennas are ideal for commercial vehicle telematics, remote monitoring, and smart meter applications.

    By Taoglas 159

  • FXP831 Dual-Band Flexible Antenna

    Taoglas' FXP831 dual band dipole antennas are flexible, highly efficient, and use 3M tape for easy peel and stick mounting.

    By Taoglas 487

  • MA.700 Pantheon – GPS/Wi-Fi/LTS/Cellular/GSM Combi

    Taoglas' Pantheon MA.700 omnidirectional antenna is heavy duty, fully waterproof and high efficiency.

    By Taoglas 117

  • PA.710A High-Efficiency Antenna

    Taoglas' PA.710A series is a high efficiency, SMT ceramic antenna ideal for LTE applications.

    By Taoglas 69

  • Triton 2G/3G/4G/Terminal Antenna

    Taoglas' TG.10 Triton dipole antenna designed primarily for use with 3G and 4G cellular gateways and routers.

    By Taoglas 66

  • TG.30 Dipole LTE Antenna

    Taoglas’ TG.30 is designed for peak performance for devices utilizing LTE and other cellular bands, requiring the highest possible efficiency.

    By Taoglas 81

  • PA.711.A High-Efficiency Antenna

    Taoglas’ Warrior II PA.711.A is the culmination of a multi-year research effort in MIMO antennas.

    By Taoglas 74

  • PA.26A SMT Antenna

    Taoglas' PA.26A surface mount 4G LTE antenna provides high efficiency in a small form factor for a wide variety of applications.

    By Taoglas 73