• Handles and Ferrules

    RAF offers 11 attractive and functional handle lines for applications ranging from rack-mounted equipment to stylish carrying cases.

    By RAF 97

  • Knob Thumb Screws and D-Sub Jackscrews

    RAF's thumb screws have an easy-to-grip diamond knurl head surface and offer the ease of no-tool assembly and disassembly for many applications.

    By RAF 79

  • Captive Panel Screws and Retainers

    RAF's captive panel screws and retainers assure easy and secure assembly, and are invaluable for equipment panels where mounting hardware is subject to loss.

    By RAF 126

  • Nylon Spacers and Standoffs

    RAF offers a range of machined and molded nylon standoffs and spacers. Nylon spacers are durable, lightweight and inexpensive.

    By RAF 59

  • Swage Standoffs

    RAF's swage standoffs and spacers come with plain and knurled shanks, and front, back or front, and back-faced knurls.

    By RAF 74

  • Large Diameter Clear Hole Spacers

    RAF's large diameter clear hole spacers for industrial applications are available in standard stock sizes, various materials and finishes, and custom options.

    By RAF 106

  • Jack Screws

    RAF Electronic Hardware jack screws are available in steel with zinc plate per ASTM-B-633 (yellow chromate) with thread lengths of 3/16” to 3/4”.

    By RAF 80