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Semiconductors & Dev Tools
  • Question about LM358 as a differential operational amplifier

    Question about LM358 as a differential operational amplifier, We collect some more technical information about the LM358. hope this will be helpful for electronic engineer.

    By Texas Instruments
  • Cyclone® III FPGA Family

    The Cyclone® III FPGA family from Intel® broadens the number of high-volume, cost-sensitive applications that can benefit from an FPGA.

    By Intel® FPGAs
  • ADS79XX Serial Interface ADCs

    TI's ADS795X is a multichannel analog-to-digital converter family that include a capacitor based SAR A/D converter with inherent sample and hold.

    By Texas Instruments
  • MSP430F54xx Microcontrollers

    Texas Instruments' MSP430F54xx microcontrollers feature a low supply-voltage range and an ultra-low power consumption.

    By Texas Instruments
  • DAC9881 18-Bit, Single-Channel, Digital-to-Analog

    Texas Instruments' DAC9881 single-channel, 18-bit, serial-input, voltage-output DACs are available in a 4 mm x 4 mm QFN-24 package.

    By Texas Instruments
  • Extreme Low-Power (XLP) Microcontrollers

    Microchip's extreme low-power microcontrollers feature nanoWatt XLP technology offering one of the industry's lowest currents for sleep.

    By Microchip Technology
  • ISO1050 Isolated CAN Transceivers

    Texas Instruments' ISO1050 are galvanically isolated CAN transceivers that meets the requirements of the ISO11898-2 standard.

    By Texas Instruments
  • LM3407 LED Driver

    The LM3407 from National Semiconductor is a constant current output buck switching converter with integrated power N-MOSFET to provide current to LEDs.

    By Texas Instruments
  • ADC128D818 ADC System Monitor

    Texas Instruments' ADC128D818 I2C system monitor is designed for maximum flexibility and can be configured for single-ended and/or pseudo-differential inputs.

    By Texas Instruments
  • TPS6302x Buck-Boost Converter

    Texas Instruments' TPS6302x are buck-boost converters suitable for applications where the input voltage is higher, lower, or equal to the output.

    By Texas Instruments
  • CSD86350Q5D Synchronous Buck NexFET Power Block

    Texas Instruments' CSD86350Q5D NexFET power block is an optimized design for synchronous buck applications in a small 5 mm x 6 mm outline.

    By Texas Instruments
  • C2000 Multi-DC/DC Color LED Kit

    Texas Instruments' C2000 Multi-DC/DC Color LED kit delivers more design flexibility for lighting systems that require a variety of LED types and string lengths.

    By Texas Instruments

    Microchip unveils MPLAB X IDE open-source integrated development environment with cross-platform support for Linux®, Mac OS®, and Windows® users.

    By Microchip Technology
  • AC164127-7 Graphics Controller

    Microchip’s graphics PICtail plus Epson S1D13517 board is a demonstration board for evaluating Microchips graphics-display solution and graphics library.

    By Microchip Technology
  • C2000 Digital Power Kits

    Texas Instruments four digital power design development kits based on C2000™ real-time control Piccolo™ microcontrollers

    By Texas Instruments
  • DRV8xx Europa Motor Drivers

    TI expands its DRV8xx motor driver family with new devices supporting up to 5 A for higher-current bipolar stepper and brushed DC motors.

    By Texas Instruments
  • Ethernet Shields

    The Arduino Ethernet shield allows an Arduino board to connect to the internet, and it is based on the Wiznet W5100 Ethernet chip.

    By Arduino
  • 1200V XPT IGBTs

    These IGBTs retain a positive temperature coefficient of its collector to emitter saturation voltage for ease of parallel configuration.

    By IXYS

    Powerex's CD4 and CD6 POW-R-BLOK™ VERSION C modules are designed for use in applications requiring rectification, half-control, or full control.

    By Powerex Inc
  • EFM32 Giant Gecko

    Silicon Labs' EFM32 Giant Gecko Kit has optional USB connectivity and TFT display drivers, and a 400 nA energy mode.

    By Silicon Labs