AKM Semiconductor Inc


AKM Semiconductor Inc
  • EM3242 One-Chip monolithic Rotation Angle Sensor

    A contact-less, 360 degree angular sensor function can be achieved by pairing a small magnet and the EM3242 from AKM.

    By AKM Semiconductor Inc 87

  • CQ3301 and CQ3303 Coreless Current Sensor

    AKM Semiconductor's CQ-3301 and CQ-3303 are open-type current sensor using a Hall sensor which outputs the analog voltage proportional to the AC/DC current.

    By AKM Semiconductor Inc 101

  • CQ2xx Current Sensor

    AKM CQ-20xx, CQ-223x, and CQ-233x are open-type current sensors using a Hall sensor which outputs the analog voltage proportional to the AC/DC current.

    By AKM Semiconductor Inc 124

  • AK7451 Magnetic Angle Sensor

    AKM's AK7451 is a magnetic rotational angle sensor which detects the angular position of a magnetic field parallel to the IC surface with high speed tracking.

    By AKM Semiconductor Inc 98

  • AK9750 Human Detection IR Sensor Module

    AKM Semiconductor's AK9750 infrared-ray (IR) sensor IC with I²C I/F is suitable for applications including stationary human detection.

    By AKM Semiconductor Inc 93

  • CQ-320x and CQ-330x Current Sensors

    AKM Semiconductor's CQ-320x and CQ-330x family of high-speed response coreless current sensors for high accuracy and high-speed current sensing applications.

    By AKM Semiconductor Inc 88

  • AK9752AE Infrared Sensor

    AKM’s AK9752AE is an ultra-small and very low powered, infrared (IR) sensor module.

    By AKM Semiconductor Inc 114

  • AK9753AE Four Integrated Infrared Sensors

    AKM’s AK9753AE is a low powered, compact, four channel infrared (IR) sensor module for distances of 2 ~ 3m.

    By AKM Semiconductor Inc 86

  • AK09970, 3-Axis Magnetic Sensor with Digital Outpu

    AK09970 is a 3-axis magnetic sensor integrated circuit utilizing AKM’s latest Hall sensor technology that offers high sensitivity and a wide measurement range.

    By AKM Semiconductor Inc 534

  • AK7452 Zero Latency Angle Sensor IC

    AKM’s AK7452 is a 14-bit contactless angle sensor that detects the angular position of a magnetic field which is parallel to the IC surface.

    By AKM Semiconductor Inc 65

  • AK9754AE IR Sensor

    AKM Semiconductor's AK9754AE features a quantum-type IR sensor and detects humans by using the human approach detection algorithm.

    By AKM Semiconductor Inc 101

  • AK310x Current Sensors

    AKM has developed ultra-low noise, coreless current sensors for improving the audio quality of large-sized speakers such as subwoofers.

    By AKM Semiconductor Inc 128

  • AK09940 High Precision Tri-Axis Magnetic Sensor

    AKM’s AK09940 is a general-purpose, digital output, tri-axis magnetic sensor IC with ultra-low noise and ultra-low power consumption using TMR technology.

    By AKM Semiconductor Inc 111

  • CZ370x Current Sensors

    AKM's CZ370x series coreless current sensor achieves both creepage distance and clearance distance greater than 8 mm.

    By AKM Semiconductor Inc 124

  • AK4490EQ 32-Bit 2ch DAC

    AK4490EQ DACs are capable of supporting a wide range signals and achieving low out-of-band noise while realizing low power consumption.

    By AKM Semiconductor Inc 86

  • AK4495 32-Bit Stereo DAC

    AKM’s AK4495 is a 32-bit stereo DAC for high-end audios, such as blue-ray, network audio, SACD players, AV receivers, digital mixers, and professional audios.

    By AKM Semiconductor Inc 108

  • AK4452/54/56/58 DAC Series

    AKM's AK445x premium multi-channel DAC series provides a simple and best solution to wide range of applications with a TDM interface and up to 8-channel variations.

    By AKM Semiconductor Inc 61

  • AK4137EQ Digital Sample Rate Converter

    AKM's AK4137 supports both master/slave mode of IIS, TDM and DSD data format.

    By AKM Semiconductor Inc 87

  • AK4637 Low-Power Audio 24-bit Mono CODEC

    Since the market demand for single-chip recording/playback CODEC for potable and IoT equipment is increasing, AKM has developed the AK4637EN.

    By AKM Semiconductor Inc 63

  • VERITA AK557X Premium High-End Multichannel ADC Se

    The AK557X captures incredible detailed and the true sound expression with its high-resolution 32-bit processing by AKMs proprietary VELVET SOUND.

    By AKM Semiconductor Inc 64