• Industrial Safety Lockout/Tagout and Circuit Break

    From the front gate to the back of the facility, Panduit provides durable, easy-to-use solutions to create a safer workplace.

    By Panduit Corp
  • Industrial ID Floor Tapes

    Panduit announces the addition of over 8,200 parts to their industrial safety solutions.

    By Panduit Corp
  • Reusable and Disposable Respirators and Masks

    3M’s wide selection of filtering facepiece respirators and masks helps users match the respirator to their environment.

    By 3M
  • Label Materials

    3M's label stock performs in a variety of demanding situations including high/low temperatures, UV exposure, water contact, heavy abrasion, and repeated use.

    By 3M
  • PanelSafe™ Lockout System

    The PanelSafe™ lockout system from 3M™ prevents the movement of breaker handles from the OFF position to the ON position with energy-isolating lockout pins.

    By 3M
  • Speedglas™ Welding Helmets and Respirator Systems

    3M™ Speedglas™ designs products by listening to welders who tell them what they need and how to improve the most important features for welding and safety.

    By 3M
  • Peltor™ X Series Ear Muffs

    The 3M™ Peltor™ X series range of passive ear muffs are available in headband and helmet mounted versions.

    By 3M
  • Peltor™ LiteCom Two-Way Radios

    The 3M™ Peltor™ LiteCom Plus headset is a hearing protector with a built-in communication radio for cable-free, short-range communication.

    By 3M
  • Versaflo™ Personal Protective Equipment

    3M™ Versaflo™ personal protective equipment is engineered for versatility and customization for a system that works for its users.

    By 3M
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Safety Solutio

    3M™ strives to deliver comfortable, well-designed PPE that offers workers the most effective protection available.

    By 3M
  • Hearing Protection

    3M's hearing protection products are some of the most recognized on the market and are designed to provide protection, comfort, and ease of use.

    By 3M
  • S300 Mini Standard Safety Laser Scanners

    SICK's S300 mini standard is an ultra-compact design which is ideal for simple applications in which a freely definable protective field is required.

    By SICK
  • High Absorption, Low Waste Sorbents for Smart Spil

    3M™ high absorption, low waste sorbents are made from microfiber materials which contain millions of tiny pockets that absorb and hold liquids.

    By 3M
  • ZHD Low-Fire-Hazard, Diesel-Resistant Heat Shrink

    ZHD series cable identification from TE changes all that. With this combined technology, train manufacturers can standardize and simplify cable identification.

    By TE Connectivity Raychem Cable Protection
  • AW-10 and AW-15 Sirens

    PUI Audio, Inc. offers a unique selection of sirens for any audible application. The sirens allow users to have design flexibility and change tones after design stages are complete.

    By PUI Audio, Inc.