• Highly Flexible Flat Cables

    Each cable is produced using Cicoil's exclusive extrusion process, encasing the wire conductors in clear, flexible, yet durable silicone insulation.

    By Cicoil 153

  • Ribbon Cable

    Designed to work directly with standard Insulation Displacement Connectors and used frequently where simple flat cable signal connections are needed.

    By Cicoil 154

  • Hi-Flex Unshielded Single Conductor Cable

    Ideal for power applications requiring voltages up to 42,000 volts DC.

    By Cicoil 108

  • Standard "Off the Shelf" Flat Cable Asse

    Cicoil offers standard “off the shelf” flat cable assemblies designed to provide reliable performance in 3 foot, 6 foot, and 12 foot lengths.

    By Cicoil 73

  • EZ-Flexx™ Motion Series Plus

    Cicoil's EZ-Flexx motion series plus are rated for more than 10 million flexing cycles making them ideal for Hi-Flex motion applications.

    By Cicoil 94

  • DC-500 Cat 5e Ethernet Cable

    Cicoil’s Cat 5e Ethernet cable and cable assemblies are filler-free flat Ethernet cables and meet the increased demands of professionals who need a rugged, reliable, portable, flexible, and harsh-

    By Cicoil 76

  • Flexible Coaxial Cables

    Cicoil’s flexible coaxial cables are ideal for high speed data and video applications that require flexibility and protection from very rugged environments.

    By Cicoil 129

  • Ultra-Flexible Micro IDC Cable

    Cicoil's ultra-flexible micro IDC cable has a temperature rating of -65°C to +260°C making this cable is ideal for exposure to harsh environments.

    By Cicoil 143