Samsung Semiconductor


Samsung Semiconductor
  • Constant Current LED Drivers

    Samsung's 50 W to 75 W constant current LED drivers with an operating range up to 2.1 A with 0 to 10 V dimming control.

    By Samsung Semiconductor 97

  • LM231A Series Mid-Power LEDs

    The LM231A series mid-power LEDs from Samsung are suitable for ambient lighting and LED tubes, delivering superior design flexibility.

    By Samsung Semiconductor 80

  • LM561B Mid-Power LEDs

    The LM561B middle-power series of LEDs from Samsung are the highest efficacy mid-power LEDs available.

    By Samsung Semiconductor 85

  • LM362A Mid-Power LEDs

    High-quality light output makes the LM362A from Samsung the optimal solution.

    By Samsung Semiconductor 86

  • LH351A High-Power Series LEDs

    High-efficacy and high-quality color-rendering LEDs from Samsung.

    By Samsung Semiconductor 80

  • F Series LT-F562A LED Modules

    Samsung linear modules target replacement of conventional fluorescent lamps with LED solutions.

    By Samsung Semiconductor 789

  • M-Series Linear Platform Modules

    With their modular construction and easy-to-use connections, Samsung's M-series linear platform modules are a perfect alternative to fluorescent lamps.

    By Samsung Semiconductor 73

  • LM561B Plus Middle Power Series LEDs

    LM561B+, Samsung Semiconductor’s mid-power LED package line-up with high light efficacy, is now offered with 3-step MacAdam ellipse bins and quarter bins.

    By Samsung Semiconductor 78

  • M-Series LED Modules

    The Samsung M-series offers tremendous convenience to LED lighting fixture makers with one of the most reliable and design-friendly feature-sets in the industry.

    By Samsung Semiconductor 85

  • AC Operating Modules

    Samsung ACOM modules simplify designs, operating directly off of 120 VAC.

    By Samsung Semiconductor 90

  • LH351B LED Series

    Samsung's LH351B LED series' high efficacy and high quality color rendering makes the LH351B suitable for use in a broad range of applications.

    By Samsung Semiconductor 70

  • LM101A LED Series

    Samsung’s chip scale package LM101A is the first of its kind using phosphor-on-chip technology, introduced to impress the LED industry with its compact package size and greater freedom for design

    By Samsung Semiconductor 97