• TSL4531 Digital Ambient Light Sensor

    The ams TSL4531 ambient light sensing (ALS) approximates human eye response under a variety of lighting conditions.

    By ams 19

  • AS5163 - Contactless Magnetic Angle Position Senso

    ams' AS5163 is a contactless magnetic angle position with high driving capability for resistive and capacitive loads.

    By ams 11

  • AS5215 - Automotive Rotary Encoder IC

    ams' AS5215 is a redundant, contactless rotary encoder sensor with two independent dies in one package.

    By ams 103

  • AS5245 - Dual Die Motion Sensing IC

    ams' AS5245 is a system-on-chip, combining integrated Hall elements, analog front end and digital signal processing in a single device.

    By ams 17

  • AS5115 Rotary Encoder Sensor

    ams' AS5115 rotary encoder sensor features contactless angular position encoding and high precision analog output.

    By ams 13

  • AS5134 High Speed Magnetic Rotary Encoder

    ams AS5134 is a contactless magnetic rotary encoder for accurate angular measurement over a full turn of 360°.

    By ams 11

  • TCS3471 Digital Color Light Sensor

    ams' TCS3471 digital color light sensor provide red, green, blue, and clear light sensing (RGBC) that detects light intensity.

    By ams 12

  • AS5262 - Magnetic Position Sensor

    ams' AS5262 magnetic position sensor is immune to stray magnetic fields, enables functional safety, and has precise angle measurements.

    By ams 6

  • AS3935 Franklin Lightning Sensor

    ams' AS3935 Franklin programmable lightning sensor is capable of detecting lightning up to 40 km away.

    By ams 8

  • TSL2591 Ambient Light Sensor

    The high sensitivity TSL2591 from ams light-to-digital converter is suited for operation behind dark glass.

    By ams 10

  • TMD3782x Color Sensors

    ams' TMD3782x color sensor, proximity sensor, and IR LED module reduces board space and design effort.

    By ams 5

  • AS5600 Rotary Sensor

    ams' AS5600 rotary sensor's robust design eliminates the influence of any homogenous external stray magnetic fields.

    By ams 9

  • iAQ-core Indoor Air Quality Module

    ams’ iAQ-core indoor air quality module is a low-cost, ultra-compact solution for detecting poor air quality.

    By ams 13

  • AS5047 Magnetic Position Sensor

    ams has launched a new version of its 47 series of magnetic rotary position sensors for motor and motion control applications.

    By ams 13

  • AS5048A and AS5048B Rotary Sensors

    ams’ AS5048A and AS5048B rotary sensors feature contactless absolute angle position measurement and in system programmable zero position via SPI or I2C command.

    By ams 9

  • AS5510 Linear Sensor

    ams' AS5510 is an absolute position sensor for linear applications with short strokes (0.5 mm to 2 mm) based on contactless magnetic sensor technology.

    By ams 17

  • AS6200 Digital Temperature Sensors

    ams' AS6200 ICs are high accuracy digital temperature sensor systems consisting of a Si bandgap temperature sensor, an ADC, and a digital signal processor.

    By ams 11

  • AS5311 Linear Sensor

    ams offers its AS5311, high-performance position sensors suitable for industrial, medical, robotics, automotive, and consumer applications.

    By ams 16

  • AS72xx Smart Daylighting Managers and Directors

    ams' AS7211 is a networking-enabled smart lighting manager with an embedded, digital ambient light sensor (ALS).

    By ams 12

  • TCS3200 RGB Color Sensor Breakout Board

    DFRobot combined ams' RGB sensor chip and four white LEDs into a breakout board for industrial process and RGB LED control, and medical diagnostic equipment.

    By ams 15