• Based LEDs

    APEM's based LEDs' options include a high-intensity single-chip LED, cluster, or multi-chip.

    By APEM Inc. 269

  • Super Bright LED Indicators

    APEM's super bright LED indicators are sunlight readable, providing up to 10,000 mcd of light and a life expectancy of 100,000 hours.

    By APEM Inc. 345

  • Q16 Secret-Until-Lit Indicators

    APEM brings additional options to the Q series indicator range, the 16 mm secret-until-lit LED indicator.

    By APEM Inc. 183

  • Q14-Series, Anodized, Super-Bright Panel Indicator

    The Q14-series of 14 mm LED indicators, from APEM, now include flush-mounted, anodized bezels in red, green, yellow, and blue.

    By APEM Inc. 139

  • Q22-Series, Anodized, Super-Bright Panel Indicator

    APEM introduces the latest addition to their Q-Series range of superbright LED Indicators with their anodized bezels.

    By APEM Inc. 167

  • Q10 Series Stainless Steel LED Indicator

    APEM introduces the newest addition to its rapidly expanding LED indicator line, the 10 mm stainless steel Q series.

    By APEM Inc. 177

  • Q Series LED Indicators

    APEM's Q series includes a large selection of LED indicators in sizes from 6 mm to 22 mm and options including bezel materials, colors, markings, and mounting.

    By APEM Inc. 195

  • Q12-7P/Q12-7F LED Indicators

    APEM's Q series half-inch panel-mount LED indicator is an excellent option for replacing any half-inch indicator currently on the market.

    By APEM Inc. 199

  • 5000 Series Toggle Switches

    APEM Components' 5000 series miniature toggle switches are available in 1- to 4-pole configurations and three types of finish including military black.

    By APEM Inc. 309

  • LPI Series Tactile Pushbutton Switches

    APEM's LPI pushbuttons, designed to be compliant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, feature a large actuator surface and light actuation force.

    By APEM Inc. 280

  • ES Series Heavy-Duty Emergency Stop Pushbutton

    APEM's ES series emergency stop pushbutton switches are heavy duty for extreme environment use and include a 34 mm red anodized actuator.

    By APEM Inc. 195

  • IR/IZ Series Pushbutton Switches

    APEM's IR and IZ series of sealed, momentary pushbutton switches are IP67 rated and available in a variety of colors and types.

    By APEM Inc. 243

  • Membrane Switch Keypads

    APEM's standard, off-the-shelf, NEMA 4 membrane switches are a quick, low-cost solution for beta test prototypes.

    By APEM Inc. 316

  • MJTP and ADTS Series Tactile Switches

    APEM's MJTP tactile switches are offered in either 4 mm or 6 mm sizes and are SPST with positive tactile feedback.

    By APEM Inc. 330

  • I Series Pushbuttons

    APEM's "I" range of pushbutton switches consist of the IP, IB, IS, and IA series of sealed pushbuttons and excellent resistance to ultraviolet rays.

    By APEM Inc. 763

  • MT Series Control Switch

    APEM's MT series of control switches are environmentally sealed with a unique actuator creating a toggle switch that is actuated with a rocking motion.

    By APEM Inc. 298

  • TS Series Thumbstick

    APEM's TS series thumbstick features non-contacting Hall effect technology and multiple linear output options including single- and dual-outputs.

    By APEM Inc. 212

  • SN Series T-Bar Fader

    The SN series T-Bar fader controller from APEM features precision ball-bearing and PTFE guides, 12-bit resolutions, and analog voltage or PWM output options.

    By APEM Inc. 209

  • KL and KR Series Sealed Rocker Switches

    APEM's KL and KR series of sealed rocker switches feature a large actuator surface and safety locking mechanisms.

    By APEM Inc. 166

  • Hall Effect Joysticks

    Learn more about APEM's wide offering of Hall effect joysticks including the CJ, CW, HF, MS, SN, and TS series.

    By APEM Inc. 257