Kester Solder


Kester Solder
  • 275 Flux-Cored Wire

    Kester 275 Flux for cored solder wire was developed to provide superior wetting performance for hand soldering in the electronics industry.

    By Kester Solder 134

  • 245 Flux-Cored Wire

    Kester's 245 no-clean flux-cored wire compliments low residue liquid fluxes being used by the electronics industry for leaded and lead-free alloys.

    By Kester Solder 147

  • 48 Flux-Cored Wire

    Kester's 48 activated rosin flux-cored wire provides superior wetting performance for hand soldering lead-free and leaded alloys.

    By Kester Solder 143

  • 44 Flux-Cored Wire

    Kester's 44 activated rosin flux-cored wire with "instant-action" wetting behavior designed for leaded and lead-free alloys.

    By Kester Solder 129

  • Solid Wire Solder

    Kester's high purity solid wire solder for refill of solder pots that require maximum reliability of solder joints.

    By Kester Solder 159

  • 285 Flux-Cored Wire

    Kester's 285 mildly activated rosin flux-cored wire for leaded and lead-free alloys in the military and aerospace industries.

    By Kester Solder 180

  • 268 Flux-Cored Wire

    Kester’s 268 flux-cored wire provides a clean release which prevents occurrences of bridges and protrusions, even in narrow-pitch automated drag soldering.

    By Kester Solder 141

  • Flux Pens

    Kester flux pens are available in smaller volumes to minimize cost compared to large quantity containers

    By Kester Solder 126

  • NP545 Solder Paste

    Kester's NP545 versatile paste for print applications is fully capable of printing and reflowing 01005 components, even in air reflow.

    By Kester Solder 163