SunLED Company, LLC


SunLED Company, LLC
  • 3 mm and 5 mm Ice Cube LEDs

    Ice cube LED, from SunLED, features a deep frosted lens deliver perfect illumination of color while helping to eliminate hotspots.

    By SunLED Company, LLC 118


    SunLED's NinjaLEDs have a reflective package but provide a fine point of illumination for indoor lighting displays.

    By SunLED Company, LLC 149

  • PixsoLED Domed Lens 0603 SMD LEDs

    SunLED's PixsoLED domed lens is a small sized SMD dome lens that serves as a bright source of directed light ideal for use in a multitude of applications.

    By SunLED Company, LLC 96

  • 3.0 x 2.0 mm Oval Lens PLCC2 SMD LED

    Compact LEDs, from SunLed, offer high brightness, low current operation, and a large selection of colors, useful for a variety of applications.

    By SunLED Company, LLC 108

  • Super SLIM 0603 SMD LEDs

    SunLED's super SLIM LED is a slim, easy-to-integrate SMD LED providing design flexibility and offering overall design enhancement and appearance.

    By SunLED Company, LLC 607

  • High Intensity Full Color Illumination LED

    High brightness, multi-color LEDs in a cost-effective, compact footprint, useful in a variety of applications from SunLED.

    By SunLED Company, LLC 101

  • VersoLEDs Versatile Through-Hole and SMD LED Solut

    LEDs with power saving consumption for industrial indoor and outdoor applications where high brightness or distance-visible indicators, from SunLED, are needed.

    By SunLED Company, LLC 83

  • XZxx55W-A2RT Reverse-Mount LED with Inner Dome Len

    SunLED’s XZxx55W-A2RT reverse-mount LED series eliminates the typical yoke lead or Z-Bend leads to provide engineers with a true chip type surface-mount LED.

    By SunLED Company, LLC 101

  • NanoPoint-0201 Series LEDs

    With a footprint of 0.65 x 0.35 x 0.20 mm, SunLED’s LEDs offers over 50% size reduction compared to a 0402, shattering all restraints tying down product designs.

    By SunLED Company, LLC 156

  • XZxxxx55W-8 Series LEDs

    XZxxxx55W-8 Series LEDs feature an industry standard 1206 footprint and for applications that include light pipes, mobile devices, and hand-held products.

    By SunLED Company, LLC 168

  • Heart Rate Sensor Series LEDs

    SunLED's HRS series is available in 0603 and 1206 packages which are ideal for any compact devices such as wearable electronics.

    By SunLED Company, LLC 141

  • PX Series Pulse Oximetry LEDs

    Lighting the way towards the next chapter in LED evolution, SunLED introduces the PX series pulse oximetry LEDs.

    By SunLED Company, LLC 147

  • 1/2 Watt Mid-Power RGB SMD LED

    SunLED's XZCB25MO24DG25X111S operates on 1/2 Watt (IF=150 mA) per color which provides a high luminous output while keeping heat dissipation at a minimum. This LED is truly engineered to assis

    By SunLED Company, LLC 161

  • Reverse-Mount RGB PLCC SMD LED

    SunLED's next generation reverse-mount PLCC RGB SMD LED maintains the same package size and footprint as the most popular PLCC package.

    By SunLED Company, LLC 144

  • 0805 Dome Lens SMD LED

    SunLED dome lens LEDs provide a narrow viewing angle which serves the dual purpose of increasing intensity output and eliminating potential light bleeding issues.

    By SunLED Company, LLC 141

  • XZBGRBBRMER158W Full-Color Surface Mount LED

    SunLED's XZBGRBBRMER158W LED reduces the footprint size of designs while providing the wide array of colors necessary to increase product functionality.

    By SunLED Company, LLC 94

  • Dome Lens Right-Angle SMD LED

    SunLED provides a solution to dome lens LED applications that offers more flexibility in the design industry.

    By SunLED Company, LLC 208

  • Ultraviolet A (UVA) Series

    SunLED now offers a line-up of UVA SMD LEDs in low powered and high powered package options to support applications outside of typical indication.

    By SunLED Company, LLC 596