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Triad Magnetics
  • CST20/306 Current Sense Transformers

    Triad Magnetics' CST20/306 current sense transformers is a reliable and effective device for detecting the current passing through a conductor.

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  • WSU Series Power Supplies

    Triad Magnetics' WSU series is a small sized switching power supply that limits power loss, creates efficiency, and are protected from over voltage and short circuits.

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  • MD Series of Medical-Grade Power Sources

    Triad Magnetics introduces the MD Series of rugged, portable medical‐grade power sources providing a simple and reliable means for safely isolating medical devices.

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  • VPM Series Medical-Grade Power Transformers

    Triad introduces their medical-grade power transformers that offer 4 KV isolation, low-voltage step-down for both product and system applications.

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  • Modular, WSX Series, Wall Plug-In Power Supply

    With a modular design featuring four interchangeable input prongs for use around the globe, the highly versatile, WSX series, wall plug-in power supply from Triad offers exceptional flexibility, p

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  • WAU Series Wall Plug-In AC Power Supply

    WAU series wall plug-in AC power supply from Triad may be the industry’s first AC EPS to meet the Level VI energy efficiency requirements.

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  • Split Pack™ Series Class 2/3 Power Transformers

    The Split Pack series from Triad Magnetics is a single primary and dual secondary, split bobbin design which operates with an input of 115 V.

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  • JSU Series Power Supply Junction Box

    Triad Magnetics' UL-approved JSU series power supply junction box offers superior performance and is available in two popular configurations: 12 VDC/1.5 A or 24 VDC/0.75 A.

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  • CMF Series Dual Mode Chokes

    Triad Magnetics' CMF series dual mode chokes are designed to suppress common and differential mode noise from switch mode power supplies and other sources.

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  • CSE18xL Current Sense Transformers

    Triad Magnetics’ CSE18xL low-frequency current sense transformers monitor current from 0.1 A to 30 A at frequencies from 50 Hz to 400 Hz.

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  • CST25 Series Current Sense Transformers

    Triad Magnetics' current sense transformers are fully encapsulated allowing for high isolation of 4,000 VAC between primary and secondary windings.

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  • VPP Series Transformers

    Dual bobbin constructed transformers from Triad Magnetics reduce capacitance, eliminating the need for electrostatic shielding.

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