• DBR-3200 and DBU-3200 Series Fully Digital Intelli

    MEAN WELL’s DBR/DBU-3200 series 3.2 kW single output rack-/enclosed-type AC/DC smart chargers in 1U low profile and high-power density up to 37 W/inch3.

    By MEAN WELL 195

  • HDR Series DIN Rail Power Supplies

    MEAN WELL's HDR series DIN rail power supplies feature step shape plastic housing, accept 85~264 VAC input (277 VAC available) and provides complete models.

    By MEAN WELL 194

  • LRS-200/LRS-350 Series Power Supplies

    MEAN WELL's LRS-200/LRS-350 series power supplies, with a height of 30 mm, provide designers a way to flexibly utilize the limited space within the system.

    By MEAN WELL 157

  • RPS-120 Series Power Supplies

    MEAN WELL's RPS-120 series power supplies are ideal for medical inspection or monitoring equipment requiring ultra-low leakage current and low power consumption.

    By MEAN WELL 184

  • PSPA-1000 Series 1000 W AC/DC Power Supply

    MEAN WELL's PSPA-1000 series operates from 90 VAC to 264 VAC input voltage and offers models with different rated voltage ranging between 12 V and 48 V.

    By MEAN WELL 180

  • LHP-200 Series 200 W High-Efficiency Slim Power Su

    MEAN WELL's LHP-200 series of power supplies have a slim and low profile, built-in PFC function, current sharing function, and output DC OK signal function.

    By MEAN WELL 206

  • UHP Series AC/DC Converters

    MEAN WELL's UHP series AC/DC converters provide a solution for precision instruments requiring a lightweight, small power supply without fan noise.

    By MEAN WELL 306

  • MPM and MFM Series Medical Power Supplies

    MEAN WELL's MPM and MFM series medical AC/DC power supplies feature wide operating temperature range, low no-load power consumption, and high-efficiency.

    By MEAN WELL 186

  • HVGC-650 Series LED Drivers

    MEAN WELL'S HVGC-650 series high-efficient LED drivers offer great advantage for industrial environment lighting or horticultural lighting applications.

    By MEAN WELL 247

  • LDC-35/LDC-80 Series LED Drivers

    MEAN WELL's LDC-35/LDC-80 series LED drivers use a linear design for suitable applications that include LED strip lighting and indoor LED lighting systems.

    By MEAN WELL 172

  • DDR-15/DDR-30/DDR-60 Series DIN Rail Converters

    MEAN WELL's DDR-15, DDR-30, DDR-60 series DIN rail converters are ultra-slim and are suitable for industrial control, automation, and communication systems.

    By MEAN WELL 421

  • MSP-1000 Series 1000 W High-Performance Medical Po

    MEAN WELL’s high-performance MSP-1000 series extends the medical power supply (MSP) line up to 1000 W and is 2x MOOP approved.

    By MEAN WELL 215

  • NMP650/1K2 Series Configurable Power Supplies

    MEAN WELL's NMP650/1K2 series power supplies feature intelligent control functions, remote power on and off, overtemperature warning, and DC OK signal.

    By MEAN WELL 206

  • HLG Series High-Performance LED Drivers

    MEAN WELL offers its HLG series LED drivers in a large variety of output voltage and current ratings that are able to operate in harsh environments.

    By MEAN WELL 175

  • DRP-3200/DPU-3200 Series Power Supplies

    MEAN WELL's DRP-3200 and DPU-3200 series fully digital intelligent AC-DC power supplies offer models with the DC output highly demanded by the industry.

    By MEAN WELL 181

  • HDR-150 Series DIN Rail Power Supplies

    MEAN WELL's HDR-150 series DIN rail power supplies feature complete protection functions for home automation and industrial control apparatus applications.

    By MEAN WELL 153

  • DDR-240 Series DIN Rail DC/DC Converter

    MEAN WELL's DDR-240 series 240 W, DIN-rail DC/DC converter offers ultra-slim width, a fanless design, full protective functions, and 2:1 wide input voltage.

    By MEAN WELL 493

  • HBGC-300 Series Constant Power Mode LED Drivers

    MEAN WELL’s HBGC-300 series 300 W LED AC/DC drivers featuring constant power mode and high voltage output.

    By MEAN WELL 215

  • GEM60I and GSM60E/U Series Medical Grade Wall-Moun

    MEAN WELL’s GEM60I and GSM60E/U series 60 W medical grade wall-mount adapters can be plugged directly into AC outlets without pairing with an external AC cable.

    By MEAN WELL 244

  • XLG-25/50 Series LED Drivers

    MEAN WELL's XLG series of waterproof LED drivers can be used for LED bay lighting, street lighting, horticulture lighting, and floodlight applications.

    By MEAN WELL 226