Panasonic - BSG


Panasonic - BSG
  • Lithium Primary Coin Cell Batteries

    Panasonic's coin type lithium batteries are available in two types: poly-carbon monofluoride lithium batteries and manganese dioxide lithium batteries.

    By Panasonic - BSG 150

  • HHR-450AB21, Flat Top, L-fat A NiMH Cell

    Panasonic’s HHR-450AB21 flat top, L-fat A NiMH cells offer increased energy density, resulting in longer running times and longer times between charges.

    By Panasonic - BSG 93

  • High-Performance Industrial Alkaline Cells

    Panasonic's alkaline batteries are designed with a power density that enables them to last longer while still supporting industrial strength applications.

    By Panasonic - BSG 89

  • Maintenance-Free Lead Acid Batteries

    Panasonic's tough valve regulated lead acid rechargeable batteries are designed to provide outstanding performance in withstanding overcharge, over-discharge, and resisting vibration and shock

    By Panasonic - BSG 84

  • BK1100FHU Rechargeable Battery

    Panasonic's BK1100FHU high temperature, long life type nickel-metal hydride cell features space and weight savings versus valve-regulated lead-acid products.

    By Panasonic - BSG 112

  • CR123A 3 V Lithium Manganese Dioxide Battery

    Panasonic's CR123A cell is designed for high reliability and safety and is capable of high current discharge performance.

    By Panasonic - BSG 136

  • Glass-Type Solar Cells

    Panasonic's glass-type solar cells come in a variety of shapes and voltages for outdoor and indoor applications including calculators and landscape lighting.

    By Panasonic - BSG 96

  • Lithium Rechargeable Coin Batteries

    Panasonic features a configuration in which a manganese compound oxide is used for the positive electrode and a lithium/aluminum alloy for the negative electrode.

    By Panasonic - BSG 167

  • Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries

    Panasonic Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries were developed to meet the requirement for increasingly higher levels of energy.

    By Panasonic - BSG 155

  • CR Series Primary Cylindrical Manganese Dioxide Li

    Developed by Panasonic, packaged user replaceable lithium batteries offer high voltage and high energy density.

    By Panasonic - BSG 163

  • BR Series Lithium Primary Pin Batteries

    Panasonic's carbon monofluoride pin type lithium batteries are slim and lightweight through the use of an aluminum case.

    By Panasonic - BSG 192

  • Valve-regulated Lead Acid Batteries

    Panasonic's valve-regulated lead acid batteries are compact batteries that save installation space while providing full and reliable power.

    By Panasonic - BSG 224