ACL Staticide, Inc.


ACL Staticide, Inc.
  • 8640 Staticide® Turbo Blast Duster

    ACL Staticide's Turbo Blast precision duster is an economical, high-precision duster with a bigger blast for electronic cleaning applications.

    By ACL Staticide, Inc. 112

  • SpecMat-H Mats and Runners Family

    ACL Staticide's SpecMat-H, static-dissipative, homogeneous work surface is a single-layer, ESD-safe, thermoplastic vinyl that is inherently dissipative throughout.

    By ACL Staticide, Inc. 50

  • ACL Staticide® 30 Concentrate

    ACL's Staticide 30 concentrate helps in preventing potential damage to sensitive electronic components and subassemblies during manufacture and more.

    By ACL Staticide, Inc. 71

  • Finger Cots

    ACL Staticide® nitrile ESD finger cots and latex ESD finger cots are powder-free ISO 5 Class 100 cleanroom classified.

    By ACL Staticide, Inc. 50

  • PL40 Premium Penetrating Lubricant

    ACL Staticide’s PL40 is an industrial strength general degreaser that penetrates deeply to displace moisture and inhibit corrosion on electronic components.

    By ACL Staticide, Inc. 69

  • Nitrile ESD Gloves

    ACL Staticide’s nitrile ESD gloves safeguard against damage caused by static discharge and contamination.

    By ACL Staticide, Inc. 80

  • Mighty Mask II Solder Mask

    ACL Staticide’s Mighty Mask II washable solder mask for closed-loop water systems protects against unwanted soldering of protected areas during wave soldering.

    By ACL Staticide, Inc. 118

  • ESD Knit Gloves

    ACL Staticide’s ESD knit gloves protect against static discharge without sacrificing ergonomic performance.

    By ACL Staticide, Inc. 98