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Panduit Corp
  • GTS-E and GTH-E Cable-Tie Hand Tools

    Panduit 's GTS-E and GTH-E, cable-tie hand tools have an ergonomic design with low handle force that is required to cut off the cable-tie.

    By Panduit Corp 184

  • CT-1000 Semi-Automatic Ferrule Crimping Tool

    Panduit offers its CT-1000 ferrule crimp tool with trapezoid profile for its #14 - 20 AWG (0.50 mm² to 2.5mm²), insulated, continuously molded ferrules on strips.

    By Panduit Corp 174

  • Industrial Safety Lockout/Tagout and Circuit Break

    From the front gate to the back of the facility, Panduit provides durable, easy-to-use solutions to create a safer workplace.

    By Panduit Corp 107

  • Industrial ID Floor Tapes

    Panduit announces the addition of over 8,200 parts to their industrial safety solutions.

    By Panduit Corp 182

  • Pipe Markers

    Panduit's pipe markers are designed to visibly identify contents, flow directions and hazard classification, thus promoting a safe working environment.

    By Panduit Corp 188

  • BlackFin™ Installation Tools

    Panduit BlackFin battery-operated crimpers & installation tools meet OSHA standards & feature one-button operation. Panduit tools are available at DigiKey.

    By Panduit Corp 501

  • Easy-Mark Plus™ Labeling Software

    Panduit's Easy-Mark Plus™ labeling software offers advanced features such as `drag and drop’ functionality and wizard tools helping users create customized labels to suit their specific needs.

    By Panduit Corp 213

  • OptiCam® 2 Termination Tool

    Panduit’s OptiCam® 2 tool is the most technologically advanced, feature rich option for field terminated connectors in enterprise applications.

    By Panduit Corp 213

  • PanTher™ Handheld Thermal Transfer Printer

    Panduit's PanTher™ handheld thermal transfer printer with QWERTY keypad eliminates label waste and time associated with trimming labels.

    By Panduit Corp 196

  • VeriSafe™ Absence of Voltage Tester (AVT and AVT2)

    Panduit’s VeriSafe AVT device automates and simplifies the process of absence of voltage verification testing.

    By Panduit Corp 177

  • Terminal Hand Tools

    Panduit® terminal crimping tools are available in an assortment of styles to meet a variety of installation needs.

    By Panduit Corp 184

  • Data Access Ports

    Panduit's data access ports provide end users with a safe and secure means to maintain and monitor performance.

    By Panduit Corp 293

  • Industrial 100 W Uninterruptible Power Supplies

    Panduit's no battery design removes the need for time consuming and costly maintenance. A network interface allows remote monitoring of device health.

    By Panduit Corp 213

  • G5 Power Distribution Units

    Panduit’s G5 power distribution units feature up to 48 outlets and come standard with a 10 foot (3 meter) input power cord.

    By Panduit Corp 193

  • Disco Male/Female Disconnects

    Panduit offers their disco male and female fully insulated disconnects.

    By Panduit Corp 210

  • Quick-Build™ Harness Board System

    Panduit's Quick-Build harness board system is a modular, reusable solution that consists of 1’ X 1’ grid tiles and specially designed, repositionable accessories that improve the productivity

    By Panduit Corp 245

  • Pan-Term® Ring Terminals

    Panduit provides an extensive line of tolling designed specifically to provide optimum performance.

    By Panduit Corp 202

  • Pan-Lug LCAX Rectangular Terminal Connectors

    Panduit Pan-Lug compression connectors provide permanent terminations for a variety of power and grounding applications.

    By Panduit Corp 195

  • Panduct® PanelMax™ Wiring Duct and Noise Shie

    Panduit offers its Panduct® PanelMax™ shielded, DIN rail, and corner wiring duct and noise shield for wire management in control panels.

    By Panduit Corp 178

  • Terminal Block Markers

    Panduit's terminal block markers are resistant to scratching, smearing, and rubbing. They are able to be installed and removed without the use of hand tools.

    By Panduit Corp 416