Standex-Meder Electronics


Standex-Meder Electronics
  • Reed Sensor and Magnet Design Evaluation Kits

    Standex Meder Electronics' reed sensor and magnet design evaluation kit designed to simply and ease the process of sensor system design.

    By Standex-Meder Electronics 278

  • MH04 and MH21 Hall Effect Sensors

    Standex-Meder Electronics MH04 and MH21 micro-power Hall-effect sensors offer solid state reliability, low power consumption, and consistent activation points.

    By Standex-Meder Electronics 282

  • PQ Series Planar Inductors

    Standex Meder's PQ series planar inductors provide a superior power density and performance for use in switching power designs; feedback controls, and overload sensing.

    By Standex-Meder Electronics 297

  • Reed Switches

    Standex Meder Electronics' reed switches are available in several sizes, are used in many industries, and have properties that allow it to operate in harsh environments.

    By Standex-Meder Electronics 207

  • SHV-Series Reed Relay

    Standex-Meder's SHV reed relay series is a single, in-line, high-voltage relay or instrumentation-grade reed relay supplied in a molded housing.

    By Standex-Meder Electronics 208

  • SMP Photo MOSFET Solid State Relays

    Standex-Meder Electronics' SMP photo MOSFET solid state relays are ideally suited in battery management systems (BMS) for electric vehicles and solar inverters.

    By Standex-Meder Electronics 223