Battery Charging


Battery Charging
  • USB Smart Charge Modules

    Molex's 68532 series USB smart charge modules affordable and versatile, these smart charger interfaces are tested to 10,000 mating cycles.

    By Molex Inc
  • Dual Port USB Chargers with 3.4 A Output

    MPD’s AS234A-A is an upgraded version of its AS232 with total output increased from 2.1 A to 3.4 A.

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices)
  • Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Chargers

    ZEUS Battery Products' SLA chargers are made to function in unison with their SLA batteries to ensure best results.

    By ZEUS Battery Products
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery Chargers

    ZEUS Battery Products' LiFePO4 chargers utilize CC/CV charging methods to efficiently charge 12.8 V LiFePo4 batteries.

    By ZEUS Battery Products
  • bq2400x Li-Ion Battery Chargers

    Texas Instruments’ bq2400x series ICs are highly integrated for use in space constrained applications such as PDAs, MP3 players, and digital cameras.

    By Texas Instruments
  • XC6802 Series Linear Charger IC

    Torex's XC6802 linear charger ICs have an external resistor that can be freely set up to 800 mA, making it ideal for battery charge applications.

    By Torex Semiconductor, Ltd.
  • bq2419x Single-Cell Battery Chargers

    Texas Instruments' bq2419x series battery chargers are highly efficient, have low battery leakage current, and a low impedance power path.

    By Texas Instruments
  • bq28550 - Li-Ion Battery Gas Gauge

    Texas Instruments' bq28550 Li-Ion battery gas gauge is designed for current and voltage protection in single-cell Li-ion batteries.

    By Texas Instruments
  • bq24192 USB/Adapter Chargers

    TI's bq24192 USB/adapter chargers are highly integrated and efficient for use in portable applications such as tablets.

    By Texas Instruments
  • bq51051B Wireless Power Li-Ion Charger Receivers

    bq51051B series from TI provides highly efficient AC/DC power conversion and also provides digital controller needed for safe Li-Ion and Li-Pol battery chargers.

    By Texas Instruments
  • LT3652 2 A Battery Charger for Solar Power

    Linear Technology's LT3652 is an innovative, solar power directed monolithic buck battery charger IC for modern battery chemistries.

    By Analog Devices Inc
  • bq25071 LiFePO4 Linear Battery Charger

    TI's bq25071 accepts power from USB ports or AC adapters to charge single cell LiFePO4 batteries in handheld devices.

    By Texas Instruments
  • bq27532-G1 Battery Management Unit

    Texas Instruments' bq27532-G1 uses the patented algorithm, Impedance Track™, for fuel gauging as well as provide other device information.

    By Texas Instruments
  • LTC®3305 Lead Acid Battery Balancer

    Linear Technology's LTC3305 balances up to 4 lead-acid batteries connected in series. All voltage monitoring, gate drive, and fault detection circuitry is integrated.

    By Analog Devices Inc
  • LTC®3110 Supercapacitor Charger

    Linear Technology's LTC3110 is a bi-directional buck-boost DC/DC regulator with capacitor charger and balancer in 24-lead TSSOP and 4 mm × 4 mm QFN packages.

    By Analog Devices Inc
  • bq296103 2-4S Overvoltage Protector with LDO Outpu

    Texas Instruments' bq296xyz family is a high accuracy, low power overvoltage protector with a 1 mA regulated output supply for Li-Ion battery pack applications.

    By Texas Instruments
  • AP9234L High-Accuracy, Single-Chip Solution for 1-

    Diodes' AP9234L is a single-chip protection solution designed for 1-cell Li+ rechargeable battery pack applications.

    By Diodes Incorporated
  • bq25120 Battery Charge Management Solution

    Texas Instruments' bq25120 is a highly integrated battery charge management IC that integrates the most common functions for wearable devices.

    By Texas Instruments
  • AP9101C Li+ Battery Protection IC for Single-Cell

    Diodes' AP9101C is a protection solution developed for lithium-ion and lithium- polymer rechargeable batteries with a high-precision voltage detection circuit.

    By Diodes Incorporated
  • bq78z100 Impedance Track™ Gas Gauge

    Texas Instruments' bq78z100 Impedance Track™ gas gauge for 1-series to 2-series Li-ion/Li-polymer battery packs.

    By Texas Instruments