Newhaven Display Intl


Newhaven Display Intl
  • PIC32 Display Adapter Board

    Providing designers with a color resistive touch LCD and hardware interface for select Microchip PIC32 evaluation/starter kits.

    By Newhaven Display Intl 237

  • Multi-Font Displays

    Newhaven Display International's line of multi-font displays feature an additional serial interface IC that has 50+ languages and 37 font tables.

    By Newhaven Display Intl 341

  • 7.0" TFT Displays with Capacitive Touch

    Newhaven Display International now offers capacitive touch to the 7.0” TFT display line. This new capacitive touch is available on both the economical and MVA 7.0” TFTs.

    By Newhaven Display Intl 221

  • Full-Color OLED Displays

    Newhaven Display International Inc.’s full-color OLEDs are available in sizes 1.27”, 1.5”, and 1.69”. Featuring 262 K colors, these passive matrix displays have a sharper and crisper viewing quali

    By Newhaven Display Intl 944

  • Slim OLED Displays

    An OLED option that is half the thickness at 5mm with a 10,000:1 contrast ratio.

    By Newhaven Display Intl 231

  • Color OLED Arduino Shields

    Eliminate long color OLED development time with Newhaven Display International’s color OLED Arduino Shields.

    By Newhaven Display Intl 226

  • Arduino Shields

    Newhaven Display’s Arduino Shields are ready to mate with some of Arduino’s most commonly used development boards.

    By Newhaven Display Intl 189

  • Modular OLED Displays

    Organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays are an easy fit for any application with Newhaven Display’s 2x16 modular OLED product line.

    By Newhaven Display Intl 213

  • 7" BeagleBone Capes

    Newhaven Display offers its three 7" BeagleBone Capes mounted to either a standard, premium, or sunlight-readable 7" Newhaven Display TFT.

    By Newhaven Display Intl 219

  • EVE2 TFT Modules

    Newhaven Display's full color display TFT modules backed by the feature-rich FTDI EVE2 graphic engine features twenty different modules in multiple sizes.

    By Newhaven Display Intl 205

  • Mountable TFT Displays

    Newhaven's mountable TFT displays feature a tough steel bracket and are suitable for high temperature and industrial applications.

    By Newhaven Display Intl 230

  • Full-Color OLED Glass Display

    Newhaven Display's full-color OLED glass displays offer a wide range of color options, high-contrast rates, and are available in seven sizes.

    By Newhaven Display Intl 224

  • 2.8" IPS Display

    Newhaven Display offers three 2.8” IPS TFTs which are offered with either capacitive, resistive or no touch to improve the typical twisted nematic LCD panels.

    By Newhaven Display Intl 209

  • 7.0" In-Plane Switching (IPS) Display

    Newhaven Display's 7.0" in-plane switching (IPS) TFT displays address the shortcomings of the typical TN LCD panels and offer an HDMI interface option.

    By Newhaven Display Intl 183

  • HDMI TFT Modules

    Newhaven Display's HDMI TFT displays have an 800 pixel x 480 pixel resolution. They are available in multiple readable variants and panel options.

    By Newhaven Display Intl 508