Data Storage


Data Storage
  • FRAM (Ferroelectric RAM)

    Fujitsu's Ferroelectric RAM (FRAM) is a high-speed non-volatile memory that runs like RAM allowing flexibility for programmers to assign ROM and RAM memory mapping depending on need.

    By Fujitsu Electronics America, Inc. 253

  • SST Serial and Parallel Flash Memory

    Microchip's SST serial Flash / parallel Flash offer high reliability and low power consumption along with cost savings during manufacturing due to fast erase times.

    By Microchip Technology 217

  • CFast Card

    Swissbit’s CFast cards are suitable for applications demanding performance speed, system downtime, and flexibility.

    By Swissbit 288

  • SSD Cards

    Solid State Drives are durable, making them an excellent drop-in replacement for hard disk drives in mobile and handheld applications.

    By Swissbit 254

  • Serial EEPROMs

    Microchip's vast serial EEPROM offering has a storage range from 128 bits to 1 Mbits and an operating voltage range of 1.7 V to 5.5 V.

    By Microchip Technology 237

  • QDR-II+ and DDR-II+ Xtreme SRAMs

    Cypress Semiconductor's Xtreme Synchronous, Pipelined Burst SRAMs.

    By Cypress Semiconductor Corp 239

  • S-220 Series Memory Card

    Swissbit's S-220 series memory card that is equipped with an internal intelligent controller, voltage detector, and a power-loss management feature.

    By Swissbit 332

  • S-300U Series Micro SD Memory Card

    Swissbit's S-300U high performance memory cards feature a highly integrated memory controller, wear-leveling, and error correction.

    By Swissbit 693

  • Industrial CompactFlash® Card C-440 Series

    Swissbit's industrial UDMA CompactFlash® cards have a small form factor, high reliability, and have high performance levels.

    By Swissbit 251

  • Industrial SD Memory Card S-200 Series

    Swissbit's industrial SD non-volatile memory card with a small form factor with the ability to capture, retain, and transport data, audio, and images.

    By Swissbit 276

  • SPI Serial SRAM and NVSRAM Devices

    The 8-pin serial SRAM and NVSRAM devices from Microchip use less power than traditional parallel SRAM and offer an inexpensive way to add external RAM.

    By Microchip Technology 255

  • X-200M and X-200S Series

    Swissbit's X-200M and X-200S series is a non-volatile memory drive with supply voltage ranging from 3.3 V to 5 V, used to provide high capacity data storage.

    By Swissbit 340

  • N25Q Series Serial NOR Flash

    The N25Q series of multi-I/O serial NOR Flash solutions is offered in both 1.8 V and 3 V power supplies and compatible with the M25P and M25PX families.

    By Micron Technology Inc 995

  • EPSILON5 MKIV Portable ISP Programmer

    A portable, high-speed, in-system programmer with standalone capability and USB connectivity.

    By Equinox Technologies 218

  • AT45DBxxx DataFlash

    Adesto Technologies' AT45DBxxx DataFlash devices offer users the ability to perform completely self-contained, read-modify-write operation with minimal system overhead.

    By Adesto Technologies 247

  • AT25DFxxx Block Erase Serial Flash

    Adesto's AT25DFxxx block erase serial Flash family features variable-sized page programming 1 to 256 bytes at a time.

    By Adesto Technologies 246

  • AT24MAC and AT24CS EEPROM Devices

    The Microchip AT24MAC and AT24CS devices can be used in applications that require unique node or network identities and serialization.

    By Microchip Technology 143

  • bq2026 Serial EPROM with SDQ Interface

    Texas Instruments bq2026 is a low-cost, small, space saving, surface-mount package option for applications such as security encoding and inventory tracking.

    By Texas Instruments 105

  • M500 Series Solid-State Drives

    The M500 series of SSDs with 20 nm MLC NAND Flash is available in three thin, lightweight form factors with capacities from 120–960 GB.

    By Micron Technology Inc 541

  • FL127S Serial Flash Modules

    Cypress' small form factor serial Flash modules can help save overall system costs and ease the design process of serial Flash.

    By Cypress Semiconductor Corp 193