• DIMENSION CP10 Series DIN Rail Power Supplies

    The PULS DIMENSION CP10 series power supplies are characterised by an advanced inrush current limitation and high efficiency values.

    By PULS 59

  • Switched-Mode Power Supply Product Series Overview

    PULS presents switched-mode power supplies with the highest efficiency ratings and operational lifetimes to maximize the reliability and longevity of control systems.

    By PULS 54

  • UF Series Buffer Modules

    UF series of buffer modules from PULS can seamlessly bridge failures of the DC voltage supply system and can also extend the hold-up time after loss of the AC mains voltage.

    By PULS 71

  • MiniLine Series DIN-Rail Power Supplies

    PULS' MiniLine power supplies are compact, easy to install, and have an excellent cost-to-value ratio and are ideal for applications where space is limited.

    By PULS 53

  • Power Supplies with Conformal Coated PCBs

    PULS' DIN rail power supplies feature robust electrical and mechanical designs enabling high energy efficiency and reliability ratings under tough conditions.

    By PULS 69

  • CP20 Series DIN Rail Power Supplies

    PULS' Dimension CP20 series DIN rail power supplies optimize cost without compromising quality, reliability, and performance.

    By PULS 71

  • Redundancy Modules Overview

    In a redundant power supply system from PULS, two or more power supplies are wired in parallel and decoupled by one or more redundancy modules.

    By PULS 81

  • DC Back-Up Solutions: UPS and Buffer Modules

    PULS’ DC-UPS and buffer modules require three elements - a power supply, a DC-UPS controller, and a battery - to provide back-up power.

    By PULS 67

  • CP10.241-M1 DIN-Rail Power Supply

    PULS’ CP10.241-M1 DIN-rail power supply does not require a fan to dissipate the heat, making it an appealing option for medical applications.

    By PULS 64