Signal Processing


Signal Processing
  • Measuring and Monitoring Relays

    Omron's measuring and monitoring relays allow you to change the output relay between normally open and normally closed operation

    By Omron Automation and Safety 132

  • Blackfin 50X Series Processors

    ADI's Blackfin BF50x processors deliver up to 400MHz of processing performance at a price point where 150-200MHz clock speeds have been the norm.

    By Analog Devices Inc 213

  • AD9915 Direct Digital Synthesizer

    ADI's AD9915 direct digital synthesizer (DDS) featuring a 12-bit DAC uses advanced DDS technology.

    By Analog Devices Inc 193

  • LMX2581 Wideband Frequency Synthesizer

    LMX2581 wideband frequency synthesizers combine low-noise and high precision LDOs to create superior supply noise immunity and consistent performance.

    By Texas Instruments 88

  • TLK110 Ethernet PHY Transceiver

    TLK110 transceivers are designed for power-supply flexibility, allowing data to be transmitted and received on standard twisted-pair cables.

    By Texas Instruments 97

  • TPS22913B/C Load Switch

    An ultra-small load switch that is controlled by an on/off input that interfaces directly with low-voltage control signals.

    By Texas Instruments 162

  • TRF3765 Integer-N/Fractional-N PLL

    TI's Integer-N/Fractional-N frequency synthesizer has low noise and provides continuous frequency coverage from 300 MHz to 4.8 GHz.

    By Texas Instruments 158

  • TS3USBA225 High Speed Audio Switch

    TI's multiplexer's design allows a designer to use a common connector for audio and USB data.

    By Texas Instruments 137

  • VSOP98260 Remote Control Code Learning IC

    Vishay's VSOP98260 is designed for use in an IR learning application together with a photo PIN diode or IR LED as optical detector.

    By Vishay Semiconductor / Opto Division 148

  • MAX14778 Dual ±25 V Above- and Below-the-Rail

    Maxim's MAX14778 analog multiplexer features separate control inputs to allow independent switching and is available in a 20-pin TQFN package.

    By Maxim Integrated 164

  • TUSB551 Single-Channel Re-Driver

    TI's TUSB551 series are a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed re-driver with an ultra-low architecture, optimal receiver equalization, and superior driver performance.

    By Texas Instruments 507

  • ADS7850 Simultaneous-Sampling ADC

    Texas Instruments' ADS7850 and ADS7250 are pin-compatible, dual, high-speed, simultaneous-sampling ADCs that operate over a wide power supply range.

    By Texas Instruments 189

  • UCC27528 Driver IC

    Texas Instruments' UCC27528 is a dual 5A high-speed, low-side gate driver IC based on CMOS input logic threshold, and also features a dual input design.

    By Texas Instruments 166

  • MAX9386/MAX9387 ECL/PECL Multiplexers

    Maxim Integrated's MAX9386/MAX9387 are high-speed, low-jitter, fully differential 5:1 or 4:1 ECL/PECL multiplexers (muxes) with single/dual output buffers.

    By Maxim Integrated 241

  • DG308A and DG309 Switches

    Maxim's DG308A/DG309 quad SPST analog switches feature fast switching speeds and low on-resistance over the analog range.

    By Maxim Integrated 184

  • MAX31915 Industrial, Octal, Digital Input Translat

    Maxim Integrated's MAX31915 is a industrial, octal, digital input translator that translates and conditions the 24 V digital output of sensors and switches.

    By Maxim Integrated 98

  • MAX31910 and MAX31911 Digital Input Serializers

    Maxim's MAX31910/11 is ultra-low power, industrial, octal, digital input translator/serializers and provide the front-end interface circuit of a PLC.

    By Maxim Integrated 149

  • 74AUP1Gxx Multi-Function Gates

    Diodes’ 74AUP1Gxx advanced ultra-low-power logic, multi-function devices are well suited for cell phones, tablets, games, cameras, netbooks, and notebooks.

    By Diodes Incorporated 119

  • ADG5248 and ADG5249 Quad-Channel Protector and Mul

    Analog Devices has introduced a quad-channel protector and two multiplexers offering ±55 V overvoltage protection.

    By Analog Devices Inc 98

  • AZV5001 Headset Detection IC

    Diodes Incorporated's AZV5001, low-power headset detection IC in a miniaturized package, is designed to detect the assertion of a headset with a microphone.

    By Diodes Incorporated 98