TUSB551 Single-Channel Re-Driver

By Texas Instruments 515

TUSB551 Single-Channel Re-Driver

Texas Instruments' TUSB551 is a 4th-generation USB3.0 SuperSpeed (SS) re-driver that features a 1.8 V power supply with low consumption, superior output drive performance, and automatic LFPS De-Emphasis control for full USB 3.0 compliance. The re-driver offers selectable gain settings in the equalizer to account for channel loss. These settings are controlled by the EQ terminal. To compensate for downstream transmission line losses, the output driver supports configuration of De-Emphasis and Output Swing (terminals DE and OS). These settings allow optimal performance, increased signaling distance, and flexibility in placement of the TUSB551 in the SuperSpeed USB path.

  • USB 3.0 SuperSpeed re-driver with 1.8 V power suppl
  • Ultra-low-power architecture:
    • Active: <130 mW
    • U2/U3: <22 mW
    • <8 mW with no connection
  • Optimal receiver equalization: 3/6/9 dB
  • Superior drive performance
  • Automatic LFPS De-Emphasis control to meet USB 3.0 certification requirements
  • No host/device-side requirement
  • Small package options
  • Hot-plug capable
  • ESD protection exceeds > ±4 kV HBM

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