• MR1000 Series Detector Switches

    E-Switch's MR1000 switches are for use where position detection or sensing is required, such as the opening/closing of a door or removal of an equipment panel.

    By E-Switch 157

  • PVL Series Pilot Indicator Lamps

    E-Switch's PVL series pilot indicator lamps offer the same tamper resistance as the rest of the PV series anti-vandal switches, with just the lamp indicator and no switch function.

    By E-Switch 171

  • PV8 Series Switches

    E-Switch's anti-vandal PV8 series switch features a metal body and actuator with a 25 mm diameter panel cutout.

    By E-Switch 289

  • 500R Series Slide Switch

    E-Switch offers the 500R series slide switch which comes in up to 3-positions and has both SPDT and DPDT options.

    By E-Switch 247

  • PP1 Series Pushbutton Switches

    Learn how the PP1 series pushbutton switch is an ideal product for the commercial appliance, gaming, HVAC and security markets.

    By E-Switch 225

  • RP8400 Series Square Pushbutton Switches

    The RP8400 series illuminated, pushbutton switch features a threaded panel mount and is sealed to IP65 ratings.

    By E-Switch 229

  • RBW2 Series

    No rubber boot or PVC cap is needed for E-Switch's RBW2 series fully illuminated IP66 rocker switch.

    By E-Switch 267

  • RDT Series Rotary DIP Switch

    Sealed to IP67 ratings, and offering protection from the elements for more rugged applications the RDT rotary DIP switch offers up to 16 positions.

    By E-Switch 265

  • TL1265 Series Illuminated Tact Switch

    The TL1265 series tact switch is a great product for the audio/visual, computer peripherals, consumer electronics, and instrumentation.

    By E-Switch 233

  • TL Series Tact Switches

    The E-Switch TL3200 illuminated tact switch has a dual LED SMT design. The switches are sub-miniature, measuring only 4.5mm x 6.8mm x 2mm.

    By E-Switch 674

  • TL4100 and TL4105 Series Tact Switch

    Offers a very unique board edge mounting design, an ultra-miniature size, and a long life expectancy

    By E-Switch 261

  • PV6 Series Anti-Vandal Switch

    Featuring a metal body and actuator and offering both dot and ring illumination options, the PV6 Series is conveniently compact and water resistant to IP-65 standards.

    By E-Switch 169

  • TL6200 Series

    TL6200 series offers a long operating life of 10 million cycles and is rated to IP67 standards.

    By E-Switch 152

  • TL1270 Series Tact Switch

    Offering a right angle design, gold or silver contacts, and long or short caps, the TL1270 Series' LED colors include blue, red, yellow, white, or a green/yellow bi-color option.

    By E-Switch 197

  • R7 Series Rocker Switches

    With an ergonomic, panel-mount design, the R7 Series of rocker switches offers solder, screw, or fast-on termination options.

    By E-Switch 173

  • PV9 Series Anti-Vandal Switch

    This PV9 Series of anti-vandal switches feature a long life expectancy and is water resistant to IP65 ratings.

    By E-Switch 132

  • TL9210 Series Tact Switch

    E-Switch TL9210 series tact switch with a quiet tactile feel

    By E-Switch 179

  • TL6215 Series Tact Switches

    E-Switch’s TL6215 series tact switches offer a 500,000 cycle life expectancy, right angle or thru hole termination, multiple cap, and illumination options.

    By E-Switch 143

  • TL3215 Series Tact Switches

    E-Switch announces the TL3215 series tact switches. This switches offer a 1,000,000 cycle life expectancy, 160 gf operating force, low-profile, and surface mount.

    By E-Switch 145

  • TL3301 Series Tact Switch

    E-Switch’s TL3301 series is a 6x6mm SMT tact switch, designed for SMT applications, featuring low-profile designs and many actuator sizes and operating forces.

    By E-Switch 163