• MINI USB 2.0-IP67 Connectors

    Conec's Mini-USB 2.0 Type B watertight connectors are integrated into a black plastic housing with a bayonet locking feature.

    By CONEC 347

  • Combination D-SUB Connectors

    Conec's combination D-SUB connectors provide the ideal solution for applications that require power, signal, and coaxial connections within one connector.

    By CONEC 341

  • Circular Connectors

    Conec M12 connector series is for BUS systems such as Profibus DP and 100 MHz industrial Ethernet applications.

    By CONEC 390

  • Fiber-Optic LC Connectors

    Conec, a manufacturer of high-quality connectors, has advanced its water-resistant series of connectors to include fiber-optic duplex LC connectors.

    By CONEC 436

  • RJ45 Connectors

    Conec's RJ45 assures quick, secure communications between all devices connected in a network.

    By CONEC 280

  • Screen Caps

    Conec's screen saps features a durable long free rotating metal lanyard and available with optional M3 screw thread.

    By CONEC 253

  • SnapLock D-SUB Hoods

    Conec has expanded its product portfolio for D-SUB hoods by adding different Conec SnapLock variants.

    By CONEC 257

  • SlimCon IP67 D-SUB Connectors

    Conec's SlimCon IP67 D-SUB connector series require extremely small installation space while offering outstanding mechanical robustness and protection.

    By CONEC 256

  • IP67 Power Bayonet Connectors

    CONEC has extended its range of IP67 connectors with bayonet locking by a new power connector variant in addition to data and bus connectors.

    By CONEC 289