Comus International


Comus International
  • Tilt Switches and Sensors

    Comus tilt switches are mercury-free switches for applications requiring circuit disconnection when orientation changes.

    By Comus International 51

  • RI-80 SMDM Reed Switch

    RI-80 SMDM reed switches from Comus are SPST-NO magnetic switches capable of switching 5 W. Offered in either a J-Lead style or Gull Wing style.

    By Comus International 86

  • RI Series Glass Reed Switches

    Comus RI series of glass reed switches are miniature dry contact magnetic switches that are hermetically sealed in a gas filled glass sleeve.

    By Comus International 60

  • SIP Reed Relays

    Industry standard SIP reed relays from Comus are offered in standard coil, coil with suppressor diode, and with relay with electrostatic shield.

    By Comus International 52