• Magnetic Jacks

    Magnetic Jacks combine connectivity with signal conditioning, electro-magnetic interference suppression and signal isolation.

    By EDAC Inc 313

  • Waterproof D-Sub Series

    With EDAC’s water-resistant D-Subs, the connectors ensure full IP67 conformity, and in harsh environments can be further protected by an waterproof end cap.

    By EDAC Inc 282

  • Waterproof USB Connectors

    Accommodate many devices that use a direct interface to a PC which require sealed protection from solids and liquids, with EDAC's waterproof USB connectors.

    By EDAC Inc 282

  • Waterproof HDMI Connectors

    Both EDAC waterproof HDMI connectors have O-ring silicone seals, black PBT housing with a flammability rating of 94 V-0.

    By EDAC Inc 216

  • 572 Series Wire-to-Wire and Wire-to-Board Connecto

    Transfer power at up to 10 A with these durable, IP67 waterproof plug and socket connectors from EDAC.

    By EDAC Inc 213

  • 560 Series Wire-to-Wire and Wire-to-Board Connecto

    These IP67 waterproof plug, socket crimp, and poke connectors, from EDAC, carry up to 3 A.

    By EDAC Inc 255