• GYPRO® Gyro Evaluation Boards

    Tronics' GYPRO®-EVB2 breakout boards are intended to easily and quickly perform characterizations of GYPRO2300, GYPRO2300LD, and GYPRO3300 gyroscopes.

    By Tronics 122

  • High-Performance MEMS Gyros

    Tronics' high-performance MEMS gyros are designed for demanding applications that include precision instrumentation, platform stabilization, and 3D mapping.

    By Tronics 98

  • AXO215 MEMS Accelerometer

    Tronics' AXO215 ideally complements the industry-standard GYPRO Product Line and consists of a MEMS transducer and an integrated circuit (IC) in a 28-pin J-lead ceramic package.

    By Tronics 113