• DRAC Line

    Weidmuller's DRAC Line of AC DIN-rail receptacles are a convenient power source inside the control cabinet for a variety of applications.

    By Weidmuller 81

  • 9926 Series Branch Rated Circuit Breakers

    Weidmuller's 9926 Series circuit breakers are commonly used in applications that need or require control circuit protection.

    By Weidmuller 94

  • PROtop High-End Power Supply

    Weidmuller's PROtop power supply combines the highest efficiency and compact housings with high durability and direct parallel connection without diode modules.

    By Weidmuller 117

  • WIL Industrial Light

    WIL STANDARD is an LED light offered by Weidmüller that is suitable for a range of applications and impresses on both a technical and design level.

    By Weidmuller 149

  • B2CF/S2C Series Terminal Blocks

    Weidmuller's B2CF/S2C series have a push in, double density connection, offering designers maximum connection density, even in the smallest of spaces.

    By Weidmuller 223

  • Wire-End Ferrules

    Weidmuller's Wire-End Ferrules simplify installation, improve long-term safety, and decrease the risk of costly panel failure.

    By Weidmuller 113

  • OMNIMATE Power Hybrid Connectors

    Weidmuller's OMNIMATE Power Hybrid connectors series save space on the circuit board, quickens installation time, and is easy-to-use.

    By Weidmuller 116

  • CH20M IP20 Modular Component Housings

    Weidmuller’s CH20M IP20 modular component housing series are designed to maximize PCB space while ensuring functionality and reliability.

    By Weidmuller 82

  • LM Series Compact Connectors

    Weidmuller's LM series are compact connectors that provide high-density component assembly resulting in excellent usability.

    By Weidmuller 131

  • LP Series Compact Connectors

    Weidmuller’s LP series of compact connectors have a screw connection that ensures a vibration proof and maintenance free connection.

    By Weidmuller 104

  • PM Connector Series

    Weidmuller’s PM connector series have an easy-to-use leaf-spring connection solution and a high power density considering its small footprint.

    By Weidmuller 98

  • LMZF Connector Series

    Weidmuller’s LMZF connector series are easy-to-use one-piece terminal blocks that utilize a tension clamp method of termination.

    By Weidmuller 124

  • B2L/S2L Series

    Weidmuller's B2L/S2L series blends efficiency, efficiency, and practicality to create a maximum connection density that can be used in small spaces.

    By Weidmuller 118

  • BC/SC Connector Series

    Weidmuller's BC/SC connector series have 2 times more current-carrying capacity compared to competing component, offering designers efficient peak performance.

    By Weidmuller 106

  • LUF and LUFS Series OMNIMATE® Power PCB Termi

    LUF and LUFS series OMNIMATE® power PCB terminal blocks provide a high level of contact reliability because of the Weidmuller Connection Safety Concept.

    By Weidmuller 60

  • Cabtite CGS Cable Glands

    Weidmuller's Cabtite CGS cable glands are suitable for industrial standard applications like machinery, transportation, process industry or energy distribution.

    By Weidmuller 138

  • Klippon® Connect Terminal Blocks with PUSH IN

    Weidmuller's PUSH IN technology of the Klippon® Connect A-Series reduces connection times for solid wires and wires with crimped on wire-end ferrules.

    By Weidmuller 62

  • Complete Solution for Industrial Ethernet Connecti

    Weidmüller has many different products to meet various industrial ethernet connectivity requirements.

    By Weidmuller 71

  • RockStar® Heavy-Duty Connectors

    Weidmuller's RockStar® heavy-duty connectors offer a secure, simple, and time-saving solution for the assembly of machinery and facilities.

    By Weidmuller 101

  • W Series Fuse Terminal Blocks

    Weidmuller's Klippon® Connect WFS 4 fuse terminals guarantee optimal passive current protection in combination with disconnect terminals.

    By Weidmuller 146