• LED Indicators

    Bulgin’s line of LED indicator lights are available in neon, filament, and fluorescent lamps and are suitable for 115 V and 230 V applications.

    By Bulgin 202

  • 400 Series Power Connectors

    Bulgin's 400 series of power connectors, part of the Buccaneer family, are sealed to IP68 when mated and offer 2-12 pole options with a max rating of 8 A, 250 V.

    By Bulgin 198

  • Ethernet Buccaneer

    Bulgin's Ethernet Buccaneer connectors are waterproof, Cat 5e compliant, and offer protection against hazardous industrial and external environments.

    By Bulgin 113

  • 6000/7000 Series Connectors

    Bulgin's Buccaneer 6000 series of waterproof power, signal, and data circular connectors are designed for harsh environments.

    By Bulgin 112

  • Data Connections You Can Rely On

    Bulgin's Buccaneer series offers a wide range of data connectors in conjunction with their popular power variants.

    By Bulgin 118

  • 4000 Series Buccaneer Connectors

    Bulgin's 4000 series of connectors are perfect for power and data applications across a variety of markets requiring fast, dust-proof, and watertight connections.

    By Bulgin 140

  • M Series Industrial Automation Connectors

    To meet the increasing demand for industrial automation and process control systems, Bulgin has developed the M series Buccaneer connector range.

    By Bulgin 106

  • M12 Connectors and Cable Assemblies

    Bulgin’s M12 series has a small footprint, extremely low failure rate, and high performance capabilities, making it perfect for a variety of fieldbus systems.

    By Bulgin 139

  • 4000 Series Fiber Range

    Bulgin's 4000 series optical connectors feature a secure quick twist bayonet connection, allowing for durable mechanical mating.

    By Bulgin 184

  • Splash Resistant Rocker Switches

    Bulgin's water-resistant rocker switches are rated up to 20 A, 277 VAC and can come illuminated or non-illuminated.

    By Bulgin 206

  • Vandal Resistant Switches

    Bulgin offers their stainless-steel, vandal-resistant switches for applications including door entry, panic buttons, vending machines, and more.

    By Bulgin 257

  • Antimicrobial Switches

    Bulgin's antimicrobial switches use BioCote’s silver-ion technology to provide built-in antimicrobial protection against a wide range of microorganisms.

    By Bulgin 238