• 12-Bit and 14-Bit Absolute Encoders

    CUI's AMT absolute encoders are a highly rugged and accurate position feedback solution, thanks to their capacitive sensing technology.

    By CUI Inc 55

  • AMT10/AMT11 Series Modular Incremental Encoder Kit

    CUI's AMT10 and AMT11 series are rugged, high-accuracy incremental encoders with capacitive sensing technology and are not susceptible to dirt, dust, and oil.

    By CUI Inc 456

  • AMT Modular Incremental Encoders

    CUI’s AMT series are rugged, high-accuracy incremental encoders with capacitive sensing technology.

    By CUI Inc 123

  • AMT Encoders

    CUI's incremental, absolute, and commutation AMT modular encoder kits offer a highly ruggedized solution without sacrificing accuracy.

    By CUI Inc 260

  • AMT13 Modular Incremental Encoder Kits

    CUI’s AMT13 encoders offer 22 programmable resolutions from 48 PPR to 4096 PPR in a compact modular package with locking hub for ease of installation.

    By CUI Inc 444

  • AMT33 Modular Commutation Encoder Kits

    CUI’s AMT33 encoders support 22 programmable resolutions up to 4096 PPR and nine sleeve bore diameters from 9 mm to 15.875 mm (5/8 in).

    By CUI Inc 95

  • VLED Series

    CUI's VLED series provides a compact, highly efficient constant current solution for driving LEDs.

    By CUI Inc 189

  • EMMA Medical Multi-Blade Adapter Series

    Flexible EMMA multi-blade adapter series is designed for global use and comes standard with interchangeable blades.

    By CUI Inc 194

  • ETMA Desktop Adapter Series

    CUI Inc.'s ETMA Desktop Adapter Series is offered in 5 configurations for medical designs needing more power than is available in a traditional wall adapter.

    By CUI Inc 183

  • Encapsulated Board Mount AC-DC Converters

    VSK series of encapsulated AC-DC power supplies range from 5 W to 25 W.

    By CUI Inc 199

  • VGD Series Power Supplies

    CUI offers a universal input and dual output voltages of either 5 V/12 V or 5 V/24 VDC

    By CUI Inc 184

  • VMS Series Power Supplies

    V-Infinity's Medical Supply Offers 365W Output Power in a 3x5 Footprint - Now at Digi-Key.

    By CUI Inc 160

  • VSK-S3 Series

    CUI's AC-DC power modules deliver output voltages ranging from 3.3 V to 24 V among 6 separate single output models.

    By CUI Inc 199

  • VLD-25 SMT LED Driver

    CUI Inc announced the addition of a surface mount series to its high efficiency, constant current DC-DC LED driver family.

    By CUI Inc 113

  • VQA series IGBT Gate Driver DC-DC Converters

    CUI's VQA series provide short-circuit protection and suited to provide a fully-isolated gate drive for both industrial and clean-energy applications

    By CUI Inc 142

  • Baseplate-Cooled AC-DC Power Supplies

    CUI’s VBM-360 series offers exceptionally high-power density of 14.8 W/in<sup>3</sup>

    By CUI Inc 83

  • PYB Series High-Efficiency 10 ~ 30 W DC-DC Convert

    CUI's PYB series offers an output power range of 10 W - 30 W across four seriesmaking it ideal for battery-driven applications.

    By CUI Inc 93

  • Miniature SIP AC-DC Power Supplies

    Ideally suited for a range of applications including automation systems, industrial systems, and telecommunication equipment.

    By CUI Inc 80

  • Ultra-Low-Profile 100 W Baseplate-Cooled AC-DC Pow

    VBM-100 series provides a universal input range of 90 to about 264 VAC and features active power-factor correction meeting EN61000-3-2 Class D standards.

    By CUI Inc 88

  • PQA50-D Series, Ultra-Compact 50 W DC/DC Converter

    CUI's PQA50-D series 2 x 1” package is equipped with EMC shielding, precise voltage regulation, and high-efficiency figures across the entire input range

    By CUI Inc 117