• Industrial Brass Body Solenoid Valves

    Cynergy3’s SOL series industrial brass body solenoid valves are available in 110 VAC, 230 VAC, or 24 VDC activation voltages.

    By Cynergy3 573

  • Signal Conversion Isolator Blocks

    Cynergy’s signal conversion isolator blocks are powered from the output side, making them ideal for plc and data acquisition applications.

    By Cynergy3 61

  • TSF70 Series Sensors

    Cynergy3's TSF70 compact, external-mount liquid level and temperature sensors available in 25 VA and 100 VA versions.

    By Cynergy3 128

  • SSF67PM12 Series Float Sensors

    Cynergy3 dual-level stainless float switch with M12 connection

    By Cynergy3 55

  • Optical Liquid-Level Sensors

    The Cynergy3 OLS family of optical liquid-level sensors uses high-reliability optical sensing for single-point liquid-level detection.

    By Cynergy3 67

  • Liquid Flow Switch for 15 mm and 22 mm Tubing

    Cynergy3's flow switches are designed for use in liquid flow systems at pressures up to 10 bar and temperatures up to 85ºC.

    By Cynergy3 55

  • IPSU Series Thick Film Ceramic Pressure Sensor

    Cynergy3 introduces their industrial thick film ceramic pressure sensor with the IPSU series

    By Cynergy3 58

  • IWPTU and IWPTLU Series Wireless Pressure Sensors

    Cynergy3's IWPTU and IWPTLU wireless pressure transducer is a cost effective replacement to traditionally wired pressure transducer.

    By Cynergy3 69

  • SAR9 Reed Relays

    SAR9 reed relays have a compact footprint, 3 kV or 5 kV isolation between contacts, and are suitable for high voltage applications.

    By Cynergy3 141

  • D Series Reed Relays

    High isolation and switching voltage relays are designed for both 10 kV and 15 kV applications

    By Cynergy3 130

  • S2 Series Reed Relay

    The S2 reed relay series from Cynergy3 has been developed for applications where PCB mounting is not possible

    By Cynergy3 103

  • D200 Series Reed Relay

    The Cynergy3 D200 series reed relays come in the same PCB package as the popular D series, but offer increased power handling capabilities

    By Cynergy3 58

  • S8 Series

    The S8 series from Cynergy3 consists of miniature high-voltage reed relays for applications where space saving is a prime consideration

    By Cynergy3 57