TSF70 Series Sensors

By Cynergy3 236

TSF70 Series Sensors

The Cynergy3 TSF70 series is a compact external fitting device, with a high specification thermistor capable of sensing both liquid level and temperature. Mounting of this series is accomplished with the use of a compression seal, so it does not require access to the inside of the tank. Typical applications include vending machines, commercial washing machines and evaporator units. The switch action may be reversed by rotating the device 180°.

App Note: Liquid Sensor - Pump control circuit for automatic tank filling

  • Compact design with temperature sensing
  • Available in nylon, polypropylene, or PPS
  • 25 VA and 100 VA versions
  • Many variants are UL recognized
  • WRAS-approved versions
  • Vending machines
  • Commercial washing machines
  • Evaporator units
  • Spa controls