Torex Semiconductor, Ltd.


Torex Semiconductor, Ltd.
  • XC6802 Series Linear Charger IC

    Torex's XC6802 linear charger ICs have an external resistor that can be freely set up to 800 mA, making it ideal for battery charge applications.

    By Torex Semiconductor, Ltd. 260

  • XC9246/XC9247 Series DC/DC Converter

    Torex's XC9246/XC9247 series is a 16 V step-down DC/DC converters provide a fast response, low ripple, and high efficiency.

    By Torex Semiconductor, Ltd. 248

  • XC6227 Series Regulator

    Torex's XC6227 series is a high-speed LDO regulator with the ability to operate with high accuracy, low noise, and high ripple rejection.

    By Torex Semiconductor, Ltd. 557

  • XC9140 Series DC/DC Converter

    Torex's XC9140 series DC/DC converter used for high efficiency consumer applications like keyboards, Bluetooth, and household medical equipment.

    By Torex Semiconductor, Ltd. 190

  • XC9248 Series DC/DC Converters

    Torex's XC9248 series is a 18 V bootstrap, synchronous, step-down DC/DC converters allow the output voltage to be freely set from 1 V to 12 V and also to have over current protection.

    By Torex Semiconductor, Ltd. 224

  • XCL209 Series DC/DC Converters

    Torex's XCL209 micro DC/DC converters use only two external capacitors to be able to offer a stable power supply with output currents of 400 mA.

    By Torex Semiconductor, Ltd. 143

  • XC9261 Series Step-Down DC/DC Converters

    Torex's 1.5 A synchronous step-down DC/DC converter with high speed transient response control feature that provides excellent load transient response.

    By Torex Semiconductor, Ltd. 173

  • XC6216 Series Voltage Regulator

    Torex's XC6216 series voltage regulator with a maximum output current of 150 mA and 28 V operating voltage used in a variety of consumer products.

    By Torex Semiconductor, Ltd. 195

  • XC6222 Series LDO Regulator

    Torex's XC6222 series LDO regulator that features a CE function that enables the entire circuit to be placed in a stand-by state.

    By Torex Semiconductor, Ltd. 145

  • XC6504 Series Small Voltage Regulators

    Torex's XC6504 series XC regulators feature an internal phase-compensation circuit that helps maintain a stable output voltage without CL.

    By Torex Semiconductor, Ltd. 144

  • XCL101 Series DC DC Converter

    Torex's XCL series of micro DC/DC converters ultra small size is ideal for reducing printed circuit board mounting area.

    By Torex Semiconductor, Ltd. 140

  • XBP14E5UFN Transient Voltage Suppressor

    Torex Semiconductor offers the XBP14E5UFN transient voltage suppressor.

    By Torex Semiconductor, Ltd. 131