Davies Molding, LLC.


Davies Molding, LLC.
  • Control Knobs

    Davies Molding offers the most extensive line of quality knobs available. Each high-quality knob combines a sophisticated and distinctive appearance.

    By Davies Molding, LLC. 530

  • Bar T Knobs

    Davies Molding's bar T knobs are stylish and functional, and available in various sizes and finishes.

    By Davies Molding, LLC. 176

  • Clamping Knobs

    Davies Molding's thermoset and thermoplastic clamping knobs guarantee a strong grip and are available in various sizes and finishes.

    By Davies Molding, LLC. 220

  • Hex Hybrid Standoffs

    Davies Molding's hex hybrid standoffs are durable and versatile insulator standoff spacers available with multiple combinations of female and male inserts, hex widths, and spacing lengths.

    By Davies Molding, LLC. 204

  • Two Shot Soft Touch Knobs

    Davies Molding soft touch control knobs available a in variety of sizes, styles, materials, and color combinations. The soft touch control knobs are molded with a soft over-molded thermoplastic el

    By Davies Molding, LLC. 211

  • Two Shot TPE "Rubber" Pull Handles

    Davies Molding thermoplastic elastomers soft touch handles are molded with a glass reinforced nylon substrate with an overmold of thermoplastic elastomer rubber (TPE) to provide extra comfort and

    By Davies Molding, LLC. 146

  • Cable Glands

    Davies Molding now offers cable glands that are designed to create a complete seal in enclosures or panel cut outs.

    By Davies Molding, LLC. 169

  • ABS Thermoplastic Enclosed Cases and Covers

    Davies Molding's ABS thermoplastic enclosed cases and covers are easily machined and will not chip or crack during fabrication making them ideal for industrial and electronic applications.

    By Davies Molding, LLC. 150

  • Slide Control Knobs

    Davies Molding offers slide control knobs featuring thermoplastic and soft-touch (TPE rubber) options.

    By Davies Molding, LLC. 155

  • Functional Handles

    Davies Molding's functional and robust handles have switch housing in a solid design, fully equipped with push buttons or emergency stop.

    By Davies Molding, LLC. 207

  • Expanded Metric Sizes for Popular Knob Styles

    Davies Molding has expanded their knob offering with metric sizes of their popular knob styles.

    By Davies Molding, LLC. 159

  • Thermoset Rubber Ball Knobs

    Davies Molding’s thermoset rubber ball knobs offer a tactile feel and low heat generation to allow for a comfortable grip.

    By Davies Molding, LLC. 204

  • Thermoset Rubber Grommets

    Davies Molding's thermoset rubber grommets are durable yet flexible thermoset NBR rubber used for its resistance to oils, fuels, and other chemicals.

    By Davies Molding, LLC. 196