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Parker Chomerics
  • PREMIER™ PBT-225 Hydrolysis-Resistant Conductive P

    Parker Chomerics' PBT-225 hydrolysis-resistant conductive plastic is a high reliability, single-pellet material ideal for demanding electronics applications.

    By Parker Chomerics 106

  • PREMIER™ A240-FRH Conductive Plastic

    Parker Chomerics' PREMIER™ A240-FRH PC/ABS thermoplastic polymer alloys and conductive fillers are engineered for stable performance in diverse applications.

    By Parker Chomerics 108


    Parker Chomerics POLA® SPONGE is available in flat seal options of sheets, strips, and die-cut parts for easy integration into existing application assemblies.

    By Parker Chomerics 116

  • SOFT-SHIELD® 4850 EMI Shielding Gasket

    Parker Chomerics' SOFT-SHIELD® 4850 represents the advancement in EMI shielding gaskets based on multi-planar, Z-axis conductive foam technology.

    By Parker Chomerics 108

  • SOFT-SHIELD® 3700 EMI Shielding Gasket

    Parker Chomerics' SOFT-SHIELD 3700 series high durability urethane foam core gaskets come in square and rectangular cross sections and with optional PSA.

    By Parker Chomerics 87

  • CHO-SEAL S6305 Elastomer EMI Gasket

    Parker Chomerics' CHO-SEAL S6305 elastomer gaskets resist compression set, accommodate low closure force, and help control airflow.

    By Parker Chomerics 146

  • TECKFILM™ EMI Shielding Film

    Parker Chomerics' TECKFILM™ EMI shielding is coated with a conductive layer on one side for shielding, grounding, and static discharge applications.

    By Parker Chomerics 125

  • No Snag Fingerstock EMI Gaskets

    Parker Chomerics no snag fingerstock improves handling safety by eliminating sharp edges and enhancing substrate conformance.

    By Parker Chomerics 104

  • CHO-SEAL® 1285 Elastomer EMI Gasket

    Parker Chomerics’ CHO-SEAL 1285 elastomer EMI gasket is available in sheet form and extruded into various profiles for design and manufacturing flexibility.

    By Parker Chomerics 109

  • CHO-SEAL® 6502 Elastomer EMI Gasket

    Parker Chomerics CHO-SEAL 6502 EMI shielding gasket comes in sheet form and is extruded into various profiles allowing for design and manufacturing flexibility.

    By Parker Chomerics 129

  • CHO-TOUCH™ Displays

    Parker Chomerics' CHO-TOUCH displays are optically bonded touchscreens and LCD units designed to save assembly time and supply chain logistics.

    By Parker Chomerics 172

  • CHO-SHRINK® 1061 Electrically Conductive Heat

    Parker Chomerics' CHO-SHRINK 1061 tubing is designed to provide excellent EMI shielding of cables and connectors in military and aerospace applications.

    By Parker Chomerics 91