Thermal Management


Thermal Management
  • Wall, Rack, and Foot Mounted Enclosure PTC Heater

    Delta's heaters with intelligent energy usage offer longer use between maintenance cycles by avoiding overheating and burnout from unnecessary overuse.

    By Delta Electronics
  • MAX31855EVKIT

    Maxim's evaluation kit for the MAX31855 has everything needed to evaluate a K-type thermocouple including the hardware and software.

    By Maxim Integrated
  • MTD6505 Fan Motor Driver

    Microchip's MTD6505 3-phase sensorless BLDC motor driver features 180° sinusoidal drive and silent drive along with integrated power transistors.

    By Microchip Technology
  • Cold-Junction Compensated, 1-Wire Thermocouple-to-

    The cold-junction compensated converters, from Maxim, feature 14-bit, 0.25°C resolution, and a unique 64-bit serial code.

    By Maxim Integrated
  • PR-59 Temperature Controller

    The PR-59 temperature controller from Laird regulates temperature, but also features two programmable fan outputs, and an alarm output relay.

    By Laird Thermal Systems
  • Mixtus 7.9 E Series Fans

    Mixtus pressurizes airflow to allow significantly higher shut off pressures than found in traditional tube axial products.

    By Comair Rotron
  • TurboFan DC Series

    Built with an integral stationary blade, a single rotor, and an aerodynamic casing these fans are designed for high pressure performance while being efficient.

    By NMB Technologies Corporation
  • OA300ST Short Fan Tray

    Designed to provide a high CFM and cost effective solution for rack and enclosure applications, the OA300ST short fan tray is the newest addition to the Orion Fans' Fan Tray line.

    By Orion Fans
  • Dual Voltage Fans and Fan Trays

    Orion Fans provides equipment designers with economical cooling products for worldwide markets with a line of dual voltage AC fans and fan trays.

    By Orion Fans
  • OA180 Series AC Fans

    Orion Fans’ extensive AC fan line includes the OA180, ideal for applications as diverse as HVAC, wind turbines and data center applications.

    By Orion Fans
  • 60 VDC Orion Fans for Telecom Applications

    Orion Fans' family of higher-voltage 60 VDC fans, are designed specifically for telecom applications.

    By Orion Fans
  • Vane Axial Series Fans

    Orion Fans’ Vane Axial (VA) series provides exceptional airflow in applications with extremely high static pressure.

    By Orion Fans
  • AC and DC Axial Fans

    High quality AC and DC fans available in a variety of bearing types and speeds, may be used for many types of applications.

    By Qualtek
  • High Power Cooling Fans

    NMB's R and F Series high power cooling fans achieve new benchmarks for airflow performance and efficiency.

    By NMB Technologies Corporation
  • ACmaxx/GreenTech EC-Compact Fans

    ebm-papst's ACmaxx fans, compared to AC fans of the same size, have an energy consumption up to 77% lower, for higher cooling capacity.

    By ebm-papst Inc.
  • IP55-Rated AC Fans

    IP55-rated AC fans are designed for dusty or moist environments enabling their use in several applications.

    By Orion Fans
  • ME Series of MagLev Fans

    Sunon's ME Series fans are designed around a new and improved bearing system which maximizes air flow, quality, cost efficiency, and product lifetime.

    By Sunon
  • DP Series AC Fans

    Sunon's DP series AC fans are designed for applications requiring a long product lifetime and higher operating voltages.

    By Sunon
  • PF Series with Tachometer and PWM

    Sunon introduces a selection of their most powerful and efficient PF series DC fans with standard 4-wire pulse-width modulation (PWM).

    By Sunon