3M (TC)


3M (TC)
  • 470 Electroplating Tape

    3M’s 470 electroplating tape is well-suited or applications requiring resistance to most chemicals used in electroplating and anodizing processes.

    By 3M (TC) 130

  • VHB™ GPH Series Tape

    3M™ GPH series tape offers the speed and ease of assembly found in VHB™ tape, even in applications involving high operating temps (long term resistance 300°F).

    By 3M (TC) 161

  • Scotch™ Single-Side Membrane Switch Spacer 7993MP

    3M™'s single-side spacers offer high adhesive strength that is resistant to moisture penetration and environmental conditions.

    By 3M (TC) 119

  • Water Contact Indicator Tape

    3M™'s 5557 indicator tape is a 10.2 mm thick, printable, self-adhesive product that shows area specific indication when contacted by water.

    By 3M (TC) 201

  • Polyester Tape 8901 Blue

    3M™'s 8901 blue polyester tape offers high-temperature silicone adhesive and tough non-slivering polyester backing.

    By 3M (TC) 117