Scotch™ Single-Side Membrane Switch Spacer 7993MP

By 3M (TC) 63

Scotch™ Single-Side Membrane Switch Spacer 7993MP

3M's single-coated membrane switch spacers are ideal for circuit layers, metal dome placement, and lead protection. The 3M high-performance acrylic adhesive 200MP provides the assurance necessary for constructing durable, long-lasting membrane switches.

  • Smooth adhesive layer for consistent actuation and excellent sealability of switch
  • High-adhesive strength to resist moisture penetration and environmental conditions
  • High-cohesive strength to resist lifting and separation especially in harsh environments
  • Easy liner release for fast, consistent processing
  • High-temperature resistance to resist splitting in harsh environments
  • High chemical resistance to resist contamination of contacts in harsh environments
  • Heat-stabilized polyester for dimensional stability through broad temperature range
  • Moisture stable liners for easy, lay-flat processing
  • Add a different thickness of adhesive to one side of a membrane switch to build a membrane switch spacer
  • Designed for use as a substrate for membrane-switch circuitry
  • Hold metal domes in place
  • Protect conductive leads