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Kingbright Company LLC
  • Ultra-Thin SMD Display

    Size range from 0.2" up to 0.8" character height. As thin as 0.12" (3mm), and very low power consumption.

    By Kingbright Company LLC 174

  • Minikin-Air Series

    The smallest, thinnest, yet still powerful and robust LEDs. Top emitting, chip-type SMD LED 1.0 mm x 0.5 mm x 0.2 mm. 0.2 mm in total thickness.

    By Kingbright Company LLC 117

  • Diamond Series Surface-Mount Circuit Board Indicat

    Kingbright's Diamond series is suitable for automated SMT and lead-free reflow soldering production.

    By Kingbright Company LLC 59

  • HELI2 Series

    The HELI2 series is available and packaged in various industry standard SMD and Through-Hole packages.

    By Kingbright Company LLC 152

  • HELI Colour Series

    Kingbright has announced an addition to their HELI lineup, the HELI Colour series.

    By Kingbright Company LLC 142

  • HELI-Dome SMD LED Series

    Kingbright's HELI-Dome SMD LED series offers up to five times more intensity compared to flat-top LEDs and available in full color spectrum.

    By Kingbright Company LLC 158

  • RGB * RGY Series LEDs

    Kingbright's RGB * RGY series provides endless vibrant color combination, utilizing color blending capability to achieve performance consistency.

    By Kingbright Company LLC 137

  • V LEDs - Vivid Pastel Illumination, Imaginary Colo

    Kingbright debuts unique shades of blue, pink, and purple within their V LED line, providing designers and engineers with exciting color choices.

    By Kingbright Company LLC 119

  • IR LEDs

    Kingbright expands its selection of IR LEDs with infrared, phototransistors, and sensors in industry standard SMD and through-hole packages.

    By Kingbright Company LLC 109

  • APPA3010 and APDA1806 Series Right Angle SMD LEDs

    Kingbright's APPA3010 and APDA1806 narrow viewing angle SMD side firing series further broaden its SMD LED collection.

    By Kingbright Company LLC 82


    Kingbright's HELI-R SMD LEDs feature high luminosity output while maintaining energy-efficient requirements all engineered with reverse mount technology.

    By Kingbright Company LLC 125

  • HELI-UM Series LEDs

    Kingbright introduces their HELI-UM series in an ultra-miniature 0.65 mm x 0.35 x 0.20 mm package designed for wearable, portable consumer products, and disposable healthcare applications.

    By Kingbright Company LLC 132