Amphenol Advanced Sensors


Amphenol Advanced Sensors
  • NPP-301 Miniature Barometric Pressure Sensors

    Amphenol's NPP-301 series features silicon pressure sensors in a surface-mount package with a low power requirement.

    By Amphenol Advanced Sensors 256

  • NTC Thermistor Clip-On Pipe Sensor

    Amphenol's clip-on pipe sensor, a sensing element on a ceramic and metal shoe assembly held in a polymer housing, self-adjusts to irregular pipes.

    By Amphenol Advanced Sensors 666

  • Telaire T6613 and T6615 CO₂ Modules

    Amphenol Advanced Sensors' Telaire T6613 and T6615 CO2 modules, with their small and compact designs, integrate into existing controls and equipment.

    By Amphenol Advanced Sensors 287

  • NTC Type MS Epoxy coated Thermistor

    Amphenol’s thermometrics epoxy-coated thermistors are a low cost, solid-state temperature sensor with a high sensitivity to changes in temperature.

    By Amphenol Advanced Sensors 694

  • ChipCap®2 Humidity and Temperature Sensors

    Amphenol's ChipCap2 sensors offer the most advanced and cost effective humidity and temperature sensing solution for virtually any type of application.

    By Amphenol Advanced Sensors 159

  • TC Type MA Chip Thermistors

    Biomedical chip thermistors from Amphenol are designed for use in both intermittent and continuous patient temperature monitoring.

    By Amphenol Advanced Sensors 239

  • ZTP Series Thermopile IR Sensors

    Amphenol's ZTP series of thermopile IR sensors are used for non-contact temperature measurement in applications including cooktops and thermometers.

    By Amphenol Advanced Sensors 223

  • ChipCap®2-SIP Humidity and Temperature Sensor

    Single in-line package type of ChipCap from Amphenol with ready installed V-Core capacitor offers an advanced, cost-effective sensing solution.

    By Amphenol Advanced Sensors 109

  • Telaire® 6713 Series CO2 Module

    Amphenol’s Telaire T6713 CO2 series is ideal for applications where CO2 levels need to be measured and controlled for indoor air quality.

    By Amphenol Advanced Sensors 174

  • SM-PWM-01C Small Dust Sensor

    Amphenol Advanced Sensors introduces their SM-PWM-01C smart dust sensor that uses a optical sensing methods.

    By Amphenol Advanced Sensors 198

  • Telaire T9602 Series Humidity and Temperature Sens

    Amphenol Advanced Sensors introduces their T9602 series humidity and temperature sensor for OEM installation

    By Amphenol Advanced Sensors 193

  • NPA 201 Pressure Sensor

    Amphenol’s NPA 201 was developed to compensate and calibrate resistive bridge sensors, it can also provide a corrected temperature output using an internal sensor.

    By Amphenol Advanced Sensors 223

  • CR1 Harsh Environment NTC Thermistor

    Amphenol Advanced Sensors' thermometrics CR1 coating offers one of the most advanced high-performance coatings on the market.

    By Amphenol Advanced Sensors 183

  • Telaire Ventostat® T8031 CO₂ Duct-Mount Trans

    Amphenol Advanced Sensors announce the release of Telaire CO₂ transmitters targeting indoor air quality and energy conservation applications.

    By Amphenol Advanced Sensors 80

  • SC30/50 Series Thermometrics

    Amphenol Advanced Sensors SC30/50 series thermometrics sleeved interchangeable precision epoxy chip thermistors fully insulated.

    By Amphenol Advanced Sensors 208

  • AB Series Thermistors

    Amphenol Advanced Sensors' AB series thermistors are useful in a wide variety of internal body temperature monitoring.

    By Amphenol Advanced Sensors 263

  • Solar Sensor Line

    Amphenol's single solar sensors use photodiode cells to measure the intensity of solar radiation and give electric information.

    By Amphenol Advanced Sensors 175

  • GE1920 Temperature Sensor

    Amphenol’s GE1920 HVAC refrigerant temperature sensors provide fast response time and long term stability that are ideal for automotive applications.

    By Amphenol Advanced Sensors 223

  • NPA Low Pressure Sensors

    Amphenol Advanced Sensors' NPA is a family of OEM miniature pressure sensing products offering best in class performance.

    By Amphenol Advanced Sensors 214

  • NovaSensor NPC-100/120 Series

    Amphenol’s NovaSensor NPC-100 and NPC-120 series pressure sensor is specifically designed for use in disposable medical applications.

    By Amphenol Advanced Sensors 258