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Johanson Technology Inc
  • Miniature RF Ceramic Chip Antenna

    Johanson Technology’s miniature RF ceramic chip antennas are made using low temperature cofired ceramic (LTCC) technology which has the ability to embed low- and high-dielectric constants inside t

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  • Zero-Clearance Metal-Mounted SMT Antenna

    Johanson Technology’s zero-clearance metal-mounted antenna is designed for small coin cell, IoT, 2.4 BLE, wearable, ISM, Zigbee, and 802.11 applications in close-range networks.

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  • Multi-Layer High-Q SMD Capacitors

    Johanson Technology's multi-layer ceramic capacitors offer the lowest ESR and highest Q ratings in their class.

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  • IoT/ISM Band Component Development Kit

    Johanson's IoT/ISM component development kit solves and satisfies today’s connectivity challenges by offering a complete ”one-stop” kit for the most popular RF chipsets and application solutio

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