• BLL8Hxx Family RF Power Transistors

    Ampleon offers their BLL8Hxx family of RF power transistors from its 8th generation 50 V LDMOS technology to serve L-band radar applications.

    By Ampleon 124

  • BLF183XR Power LDMOS Transistor

    The BLF183XR is the latest member of Ampleon's state-of-the-art XR family of extremely rugged RF power transistors for the roughest environments.

    By Ampleon 76

  • BLF7G24L Power LDMOS Transistor

    Designed for LTE basestations, Ampleon's highly DPD-friendly transistors have excellent thermal stability and cover the entire frequency range.

    By Ampleon 190

  • BLF Series UHF/DVB-T Transistors

    Ampleon's family of transistors delivers up to one octave wideband operation combined with field-proven ruggedness, efficiency, and linearity.

    By Ampleon 196

  • Broadband Power LDMOS Transistor

    The BLF645 from Ampleon is a 100 W LDMOS RF power push-pull transistor developed with broadcast and ISM applications in mind.

    By Ampleon 178

  • LDMOS RF Power Transistors

    Ampleon's 50 V XR LDMOS RF power transistors provide unsurpassed ruggedness under real-world conditions.

    By Ampleon 84