• BMD-200 Bluetooth Low Energy Modules

    Rigado’s BMD‐200 is a powerful, highly flexible Bluetooth Smart module based on the nRF51822 SoC from Nordic Semiconductor.

    By Rigado 75

  • BMD-300 Series Modules for Bluetooth® 5 LE

    Carrying FCC, IC and CE certifications and Bluetooth qualification, the BMD-300 module is ready to implement right away for IoT and wearable applications.

    By Rigado 101

  • BMD-100 Bluetooth® Low Energy Modules

    The Rigado BMD-100 is a Bluetooth Smart master/slave/multi-role network processor module targeted for low-power sensors and accessories using the ultra-low-power BlueNRG chipset from STMicro.

    By Rigado 74

  • R41Z Evaluation Kit

    Rigado’s R41Z module is a highly integrated, ultra-low-power module that enables Thread with IEEE 802.15.4 and BLE RF connectivity.

    By Rigado 84

  • BMD-340 Bluetooth® 5 + Thread Module

    Rigado's multiprotocol SoM enables BLE5 and Thread connectivity, allowing faster time-to-market with reduced development cost.

    By Rigado 85

  • BMD-330 Bluetooth 5 Module

    Rigado’s BMD-330 provides a complete RF solution allowing faster time-to-market with reduced development cost and provides full use of the nRF52810.

    By Rigado 102