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Inspired LED
  • Universal TV Backlight Kits

    The frequent and sometimes dramatic variation in picture brightness from your television screen can cause visual fatigue in an otherwise dark room. Inspired LED's universal TV backlight kits p

    By Inspired LED 139

  • Pro Series LED Panels

    Inspired LED introduces their pro series LED panels that are a complete plug-and-play LED lighting solution for any application.

    By Inspired LED 436

  • 12 V Flexible LED Strips

    Inspired LED offers their custom 12 V LED linear lighting solutions for use in a variety of lighting applications.

    By Inspired LED 136

  • Tiger Paw® Solderless Connectors

    Inspired LED’s patented solderless Tiger Paw connectors are the perfect solution for in-field LED system design and customization without the need to directly solder.

    By Inspired LED 157

  • 24 V Flexible LED Strips

    Inspired LED’s 24 V flexible LED strips are the perfect linear LED lighting solution for any project.

    By Inspired LED 169