Winchester Electronics


Winchester Electronics
  • X-2 Dual BNC Jacks

    Winchester Interconnect's X-2 dual BNC jack for RF, video, and broadcast transmission is ideal for high-density PCBs in a broad range of high-performance RF applications.

    By Winchester Electronics 85

  • V-Bite™ RF Connector

    Winchester Interconnect's V-Bite™ RF edge mount connectors are durable and weatherproof for demanding RF applications.

    By Winchester Electronics 91

  • EZ-RJ45™ Connectors and Accessories

    Winchester Interconnect's EZ-RJ45™ connectors are rated for CAT 5, CAT 5e, and CAT 6, and are specifically engineered to simplify twisted pair terminations.

    By Winchester Electronics 69

  • E-Snap™ Subminiature Edge Mount Connectors

    Winchester's E-Snap™ connectors feature small protrusions inside their slots, allowing connectors to "snap" securely into previously solder-pasted holes.

    By Winchester Electronics 78

  • The Shadow™ HD BNC Connectors

    Winchester Interconnect's Shadow™ HD BNC connectors feature quality machined brass with Teflon insulators and semi-captive gold-plated contacts.

    By Winchester Electronics 81